Baking mama

So today i was off earlier then i normally finish, so of course i had a million and one ideas on what to do in with my time. Well since today here in MN we had a cool perfect day, which means only one thing baking time! I havent been able to turn my oven on in forever because this chick doesn't have air and i cant torture the family. Well my cousin wife kier made a twist on banana bread that sounded good, she added cranberries and coconut. I found the almost the same but with zuccini instead of banana's from the kitchen magpie website. I love to bring my coworker homemade goodies and she hates bananas, and i mean HATES so that wasn't going to work. Then i made a long time favorite of mine which i usually make around Christmas. It's choc. pumpkin bread, so moist and tasty. I switch all my recipes that call for oil to apple sauce makes it a little healthier and you don't even know the difference.

So today at work while i was scrubbing someone shower i decided i was going to make my own cleaning products for home. I found a couple websites that give you recipes, plus you can add a scent you like to the products to make it your own. Now i just have to go and get some supplies.
I am thinking way to much at work and creating more jobs and things for me to do when i get home. And now that i dropped my ipod in the bucket of water at work i think even more. Yes my phone was in the bucket of water couple of months back. I guess no more electronics for me.

The bread just cooled and let me tell you its so zuccini bread is to die for, it has a good texture and you can taste the sweetness of the coconut. I love chunky bread, and tomorrow's afternoon snack is going to rock! Sorry bad pic of the bread, thought it would be nice to see a visual.


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