Taking deep breathes

Road trip to Duluth for my cousins wedding. So we stopped and had lunch at grandma Sherri and Al's before making our way even farther north. Picked up Jenni & Paul and loaded the van with our caffinated beverages. I thought it would be great to go to enger tower in Duluth before we go to the wedding. We went there when Bella was a baby it's a great place to look out and enjoy the view of Duluth.

Man it was so windy up there on the hill, i was sure hoping our hair will be able to fix once we got back to the car! Oh well Duluth people most be used to wind blown hair in this town. Well we parked the car and head to the garden, sat down in the shade and wondered why no one is there yet. Oh it's a Anderson gathering there always late, wait wedding starts in 10 minutes no one is here yet. Then the bride and groom came out and they weren't my cousin it cant be this location. Just keep walking and a phone call later we ended up in the right location. It was hot out, so we tried to find some shade behind a couple of bushes. They were married right in front of lake superior under a beautiful gazebo. Thenwe enjoyed taking pic of the family next to the beautiful fountains and roses. Then it was time to walk down to fitgers for the reception.

It was nice to get the grand kids in for a picture with grandma and grandpa. Man trying to get 6 kids to behave and look at you in a nightmare. Ohh well they are there own and have personality!
Bella was really looking forward to the reception because that means one thing..... DANCE TIME! Man she has a style and she owns it. I wish i was able to just go out and do my thing. Thankfully daddy and Bella are the same so they can enjoy that together. We headed home, our plans for the nite fell thru so we made the journey home and arrived around 1 am. So Sunday is our lazy relaxation day before the week begins again.
I love family functions because we don't see each other all the time and its nice to reconnect. We all live such busy lives that its nice to see them in person beside talking thru the computer all the time. It's funny when we were little and got together we play and play for hours, now we are all doing so many different things. Some have kids, others are going to school, working, dating, and so much more. It's so nice to have a family that are all there for each other.


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