new discoveries

So today when i was at someones home cleaning i saw a grocery store flyer that caught my eye. Yeah your probably wonder how a grocery store ad catches someone eye, but for me it was the word organic and natural. We trying to cut out processed food and eat natural foods. Cant remember the last time we ate something from the frozen section for a meal, besides a frozen veggie. Well the grocery store was fresh and natural, located in shoreview. It turns out it's just like a coop but not a coop. Its great! You never know what you might discover in a store like that. Scott even found flushable diapers! Sorry we didn't buy them we thought it might send a mix message to Kate, plus it was expensive. We still have to shop at the local store for some items because most choices only organic and its just to high in price for us to afford. But at least our produce, meats and breads we for sure buy there. The best part its even closer then east side food coop.

Since I got home i made nut butter. Thanks Kier for the tip on coconut oil it makes it even creamier! Made my overnight oats for breakfast, then i made a mango chicken salad for my lunch box tomorrow. And finished it off with a homemade frappuccino, i need it to keep up with my night owl 4 year old.


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