cars and so much more

So i think i have felt every emotion this week and I'm so tired i need a vacation. Hold that thought we are going on a vacation problem solved. Well let me bring you back to the beginning of the week. I was getting stuff down around the house and didn't keep track of the time before work and was late, only to realize my tire was a little low. So i decided i wouldn't drive for work, Scott filled my tire with air when I got home and we left to go to roseville to get a bike basket for one of the millions of bikes we own. The car ended up over heating so we drove with the windows down and the girls complaining about hair in the faces. Next morning again doing to much before work and lost track of time and was late and forgot coffee. Didn't drive for work again because i was afraid it would over heat again which by the way it has never done before. My co-worker was a little scared i didn't have my coffee and offered to drive to my place to get it, man she knows how i function with out it in the morning. And i turned her down, but i was a moody chicka that day. Get home lay down for 20 min. to try to get rid of my migraine i got started, but with girls there is a rule no napping for moms. So instead i grab my grocery list and head to target to get my grocery's. My car started acting really weird by the time i got to 65. Ac was blowing hot air at me when we stopped and then couple of light later it was chucking and making this intense grinding noise, followed by horns honking and me pushing the back end to the parking lot. Just a side note it was like 98 degrees and very humid. Ohh yeah my tranny decided it was the day to die. So we called a buddy Adam to come help us, so he drove Scott to our house to get focus and come back for the girls. Well he rolled up pouring out smoke out of the car. Something broke and so now we have two broke cars, we i loaded the girls up and headed home in the focus which i have never drove because it scares me. And after many hours of himming and humming we decided to take our vacation to bay field WI after all. We so need it! Thanks for listening to me complain about all my car troubles. Next week i will figure out how this girl is going to drive to work. Car troubles wont take us down......


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