The things you do when it's hot!

Ok we have locked ourselves in our house with the curtains drawn for three days..... Crazy? Yes.... with three kids, I would call that Nutz!  There restless, i'm restless, and we all are cranky

We only have a window ac unit in the girls bedroom and in ours, but who wants to sit in there bedroom all day?  Well my cousin came to the rescue and dropped off a portable ac unit and that helped big time. We were able to get our house down to 76 degrees, which is a improvement from 85 the days before.

So what do you do with restless kids when its too hot to be outside, you pull out the craft tote and make smores over the gas stove! Oh yeah!

 I just finished another carton of eggs so we make some friendly lil caterpillars.

Arent they cute?

We also had many productions of plays the girls put on for Henry

you see Henry thru the theater curtains?

Henry really enjoys this lil book about babies... He smiles at this page the most.... Mohawk and rock n roll is his style

Yesterday I took the kids out for the first time all week to the library for story time.  
We sat in the grass for a few minutes while we waited for the library to open. Look i got a good photo of all three of them at the same time. That barely happens!

They are sun screened, and sun protected for a walk

We walked there, which is only a short walk. My goal was to tire them out a smidge so we were not antsy and short temper at one another. The heat sure makes the emotions run high and patience run low. I'm excited for the cooler weekend they are predicting.

Oh and i drank a couple of glasses of iced coffee to make sure I didnt pass out on the floor!

I hope you all are surviving the summer heat?


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