Family Time

Coming off a super hot week with a forecast for a cool weekend, i knew i wasn't going to waste away this weekend. You sure can say we didn't,we were moving every minute of it...... Saturday we dropped Scott's car off at the near buy shop to have them look at his car to figure out a issue it is having. While they were looking at, I planned a walk to the small park to feed the birds in the pond. I will admit we fed the birds even though the sign said No Feeding the Foul. Yep i packed a bag of cubed up bread and let the family chuck bread at the ducks and there babies. They sure got a kick out of it.

mama and her babies

feeding the birds

The car was still in the shop and it was lunch time now, so we walked to the mall for lunch. We all wanted different lunches and Scott thought that was the best solution. We ended up stopping at the park next to the mall for a quick merry go round, and to feed Henry.  Win Win

After lunch we walked back to the car shop and picked up the car, ran home because i forgot the sunscreen and then it was back in the car for a quick trip across the road. We were going to go mini golfing!
First timers at mini golf

She loved the lady ghost

observing these crazy golfers

Kissing the lizard-"thing"

Bingo- That's what they said when were golfing

Will he make it a hole in one?

Daddy teaching Kate how to golf

 It was on our bucket list for summer fun!  It was also a first for the girls and I..... Bella was really good, Kate is going to need some work but had a lot of fun trying it. She even managed to hit her ball into the parking lot while attempting to get it in the hole!  Funny!  Daddy is not the biggest fan of golf i found out.  This place has three courses to play depending on the level you want to take on. We did the kid friendly one. The other ones look more interesting and challenging. Maybe another day.

Then it was back home for 30 min. till we had to leave for church.  While I was serving at the 6pm service Scott took the girls to a motorcycle show.  Which ended up being lame because there were only 20 bikes there. We finished up the night with a family walk around the neighborhood. We crashed by 10pm.

These feet walked many times today, and it felt GREAT!

Sunday we hit the floor running again.  We kinda did a spontaneous trip up to Mora.  Scott's brother Shaun just moved back and we haven't seen his new pad.  Then we headed to Sherri & Al's for lunch which is right down the road.They got a golf cart for the campground so the girls were cruising around the yard with Uncle Shaun and Grandpa. They had a blast. They really loved when Shaun would drive them thru the sprinkler with the golf cart.  I wish i got some pictures of them on the cart.  I figured while we were up there we should do a drop in at Grandma Bette's. That way she can get some grand kid time in.  It ended up being a family party there too.  My Aunt Barb and my cousin Marissa's daughter Alexa was there too.  Ryan and Erinn ended up coming over to drop something off. Which was perfect  because I got to see everyone that I know that lives in that town in one visit.
We ended the visit with a stop at Scott's favorite restaurant. Hardee's...... And then we busted out of that town!
We were beat by the time we got home but that for some reason didn't slow us down. We went for a family walk/bike ride. Kate rode her bike with out training wheels, and Bella rode her bike too while we walked. This was Kate's first time on a bike ride without the training wheels. So proud of her. Then when we got home they wanted to roller blade and scooter in the road. I ended up mowing the grass because the new grass we laid down is growing so fast we have to move it twice as much as the rest. We ended up all in bed by 9:30.

*sorry my phone some how didn't end up out of the car all day so no pictures! Sad face!


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