Rewind a week!

I have sat down to type a post at least 3 times in the past week and then mommy duties pop up and it gets pushed back.  So i just put Henry down for a nap and the girls are doing there craft for the day.  We had such a fun long weekend last week. We were able to cross a few things off our summer bucket list too!

We went to Lake Elmo to go see the drive in movie theater and we under estimated just how popular that place was.  Its the only drive in left in MN and everyone and there grandma wanted to go there that night.  So we ended up going to good will and going home. Wha-wa-wa.... Bummer but at least we got some fun stuff there.
Bella had to have this rainbow poncho....It's rainbow betty

look they still exist.. sorry i didn't buy it! 

4th of July we had a nice family bike ride... I was able to ride my bike for the first time while Scott followed with Henry in the stroller.  Yippie i was like a kid on a bike for the first time... Riding with my feet hanging out on the side,standing up and singing along with the music on my new phone holder. It was a grand ole time!

new phone holder.... and it rocks

Kate rode her pedal loader the whole time and kept up! 

Uncle Josh came up to visit up and we all went to first Thursday.  For all of you that don't speak motorcycle language it's a thing they do the first Thursday of every month down in St. Paul. It's like a motorcycle explosion. Since that is totally not my gig~ i put in a request for Pizza Luce! Seriously the yummiest pizza ever.  We ordered a half shrimp pesto and the other half was mashed potatoes with tomatoes, bacon, broccoli  and side of sour cream. That half was not my favorite. The texture of mashed potatoes was a bit off for me.
this is the mashed potato pizza

daddy got spaghetti

 We finished up the night at the neighbors house lighting off fire works and playing with sparklers. Wasn't in the mood to go watch the big ones. We didn't miss out most of our neighbors had the illegal ones and we saw them from our house.
i lost the other pics i had taken...

Friday the 5th we attempted the drive in again!  We got there at 6pm and we had to wait till 7 when the gates opened. So we played in the grass while we waited, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Couldn't ask for a better night at the drive in. The first showing was despicable me 2, and then star trek was next. We would be lucky if we made it thru the first one.  We ended up parking next to a couple with 3 kids around the same age as our.It was there first time at a drive in and they were so excited, they became instant friends.  They camped out in there van and we hung out in between both. Henry loved watching the movie but he wanted to keep moving so i walked around with him in the baby carrier. Walking off that yummy popcorn and treats we got.  I have to say the prices of concessions was very reasonable and not bad.  We made it thru the first movie and the second one started around 11:30 and i was tired and not feeling so good by then. Kate was tired and Henry was out cold. Bella was upset we were leaving but honestly i didn't think she should see that movie.  So we left around midnight!

ols school speaker to listen to the movie

drive in peeps

say drive in

Saturday was a sleep in late kind of day, and do nothing

Sunday we decided we needed a little break from the cranky kids so we all loaded up and went to the YMCA splash deck & pool to cool off and have fun. Henry loves sitting in the pool with mom!  I want him to be comfortable in the water!  It was so nice that the pool was very empty that day, it makes it more fun for everyone.

Sorry i was in the water with the kids so these are the only pics taken!

Monday was a fun day for the girls. They were on a mission to collect all the baby toads in the yard. They had there bug containers and they filled them with all the baby toads they could catch. I think by night they had 13 in one and 14 in the other. I made them leave them on the table in fear of them getting knocked over in there sleep and the house filling up with toads. Yucky!  I tried for the garage but they said that was mean!  By morning i made them release them and then they could begin there collection again. Kate doesn't like bugs and wont touch them, so Bella picks them up and puts them in the container and Kate carries them around in the container. She even gave them a tour of our house explaining each room! Oh silly little Kate.

And that pretty much catches you up on our lives for now!  I think Scott has a air show planned for this weekend and possible next!
Well i'm off to finish my 3 loads of laundry! If you need me i'll be hanging clothes on the clothes line..all day!


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