Women of Faith

Ok after much wait the surprise that my dear sweet husband did for the women of faith weekend. He decorated the house with streamers, purchased couple bottles of wine and cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. Its so nice that he is there supporting the women in his life.
Well the title clearly states what event i have been attending the last few days. As a women that really enjoys to people gawk its perfect for her, plus she able to be embraced by so many sweet kind ladies that serve one god. Let me take you back one year from today and tell you how much this weekend meant to me. I was in a the darkest place of my life, Scott lost his job and lost his identity and fell into a deep depression that drug down me with him. I began wondering if this marriage was something i wanted to be in anymore. We had no energy left to understand how to climb the ladder and get our life back on track. Sherri invited me to come along with her friend sue and i was pretty reluctant because of our money shortage. So my the tickets became my gift from Sherri. Well after the program began and the speakers where sharing there stories i felt like they were speaking to be directly and there wasn't a sole in the arena but me. They helped me realize that im not broken and i can repair my relationship with my husband and make my family whole. I left the excel with a weight lifted off my shoulder and drive to change me. Your no good if the confidence in yourself is gone. Thru the last year we have also attended via de cristo thanks to Sherri and al sponsoring us. Which was also a changing point for both us. Scott gained so much confidence in himself and realized that he can give the rains over to god and follow the path that he has set for us and not try to control it ourselves. Since last year our marriage is the strongest it has ever been we have started attending a church after much shopping around and began attending small couples group. Not saying we are perfect or that we will ever be, but we are wrapped in the love of god and it feels good!

We took a walk on our supper break and enjoy stretching our legs and marveling at the gorgeous houses and churches. we stepped into the catholic church in st.paul which was just breath taking. i wish i had my good camera but the phone camera does it no justice.
we lite a candle for all the women that are going to be affect by this weekend and the blessing we are all able to share this weekend with friends.
This years women of faith was a little different experience. It was great hearing the speakers some were repeated from last year. And the amount of people that were texting and talking and kickn' the back of your head did upset me a little. I had to learn to breathe in and out! But we had a new speaker that i have never heard talk before and that was mary beth chapman the wife of steven kurtis chapman and she spoke about how she has to place one foot in front of the other to get thru the day with dealing with the death of her 5 year old daughter that was killed by a her brother backing out of the driveway at there home. Very sad story but she was able to get thru her anger and make peace with that day. Let me tell you its amazing and no photo does justice on showing the amount of women that are there and have just as much baggage and issues in there life as you do and they know that there not alone.

The book i purchased from wof this year was.......
Yes she is blair from facts of life. She may or may not have made us sing the theme song last year. lol its ok i love 80's tv shows.

I have a really hard time with friendship, i have trouble becoming close with people and sharing stuff about me and my feelings. Feelings and me are strangers and we dont talk much to each other. Yeah hard to believe me not talking but its true. If anyone would like to borrow it when im done let me know. I hope that this will inspire you to attend next year and open the baggage that you have been dragging around with you for years and deal with it, and start a new relationship with the one that NEVER lets you down.


  1. so nice to hear how much this has blessed you and that you are growing closer to God all the time. this thrills my heart. Love you!!! Mom


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