This chic is OLD

I'm so exhausted... I'm surprised I'm able to type! Ive been working 10 hour days lately and getting home to just grab a quick bite and head back out the door for something on the calender. I guess I'm getting old and is having trouble keepn' up. I was at spin class tonight i think and maybe i ran a few miles on the treadmill too...... all this girl does is dream of a day of pj's a book and a nice warm bed, it seems like a small request. I would call in sick but I'm off Friday for women of faith conference which I'm so excited for. I cant wait to hear what these women have to say. Its amazing how they inspire you to become more. One more hour before my head hits the pillow and 8 1/2 more hours till my feet hit the ground running for the next day! Man that's depressing.


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