Makin' a list

So i have this mental list of things i want to do and accomplish. I should just take a moment one of these days and write them down i might be able to check them off sooner. Well one of the things on my list i wanted to do was a volunteer project. Well our girls from bible study are going to do a volunteer project, i think its narrowed down to ~gifts for a women shelter for them and the kids. That should fun they are also talking about doing feed my starving children which is thing our church is very much involved in. I wish our kids were old enough to be involved in. Family time is so important to Scott and I, we wish we had more time to do more. Life has been so crazy around her lately and i don't like it! It just makes me work harder to keep everything in order, and not to forget something important. I just got a email, that they would like to have me work in Bella's preschool room at church twice a month. I thought i would be nice to give back to all they do for them and to make Bella comfortable in her class. I wish i had more extra money so i can do a pottery class or photography class. Which means more things to pack in to a day! oh well live life!


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