Beatiful Fall Day

Today at the crack of dawn we got up to go see Scott at via de cristo retreat that he was participating in. Anna came down to watch the girls while Sherri, Al and i went to see Scott. A day that we have been preparing and praying and getting excited to see what god work will do in Scott's life this weekend. I wasn't totally sure on what all we would be doing for Scott in preparing to give his talk on study, but i figured a few things. Let me tell you it was so nice to see Scott, i really missed him we aren't apart this much. And then we all sang and prayed together for him to be able to let god share Scott's stories on how God has worked many miracles in our life. And then we were able to listen to him while he spoke in another room so we wouldn't make him nervous. And let me tell you he can talk and he did fabulous. And they had us go back to the chapel and pray him down from his speech, followed was of course a meal. It wouldn't be Lutheran if it didnt involve food. LOL. We were able to talk and learn about some of the people going thru and the weekend and what has happen to them. Then it was time to say good bye while he stayed to finish out the weekend.

On the drive home we stopped at caribou and Sherri did the drive thru difference for the first time, it was a young couple that received the drink on them. I hope that inspired them if they were searching for god.

The girls minus Al decided to go to the apple orchard today since the weather couldn't be more beautiful. I mean you cant complain about upper 80's in October. We went to the pine tree orchards in white bear lake. It was a lot different then aamodts in stillwater, very unorganized. We walked around all the orchards and ate a few apples on the way and then made our way to the barn to purchase some treats. The girls really enjoyed there caramel apples. Maybe tomorrow i will be able to get some of my yard thrown in a bag. I wont make any promises on that!


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