Treat it as if it the last nice day

Wow what a beautiful day! Im flying around the house getting ready for the first snow fall. We went and got furnace filters, plastic for the horrible leaky windows, and leaf bags. Sure sounds like a to do list! And im nesting down in the house for winter getting everything just so, before it cold and we cant use our porch anymore. I was hungry for banana bread pudding today so i made a batch just for me, since the family isnt big on it at all. While that was in the oven i finished decorating my office slash everything girly. It just about the way i want, which is nice. Scott took the girls to his buddies kids bday party while i was able to enjoy ME time. So i went and checked out the thrift store down the road and of course made a trip to target. On the way home i decided i wasnt going to take this dirty car anymore so i vacuumed it and scrubbed down the inside of the car. My co worker should be excited to ride in a car that is not filled with toys and crumbs, i know i would be. Well it time to really enjoy my alone time!


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