ibert love.

We finally found a helmet that fits little Henry's head.  We were searching high and low, most of them are for kids at least a year old. I really missed riding bike with the family, speed walking behind them with the stroller was not much fun!  Taaa Daaa low in behold Target was the place.
How cute is that lil helment?

4 month old biker!

Then we headed to REI to get the ibert we have been eyeing up since I was pregnant. We looked on craigslist but they were selling for pretty much the same price as the new ones. You might as well get the new one and resell it when he out grows it around 4.  Yep they hold a kid up to the age of 4.... Crazy!  We also ordered a second adapter piece so we can move the seat between Scott and mine bikes.
They look a little funny but i love it, i can see what there doing and they can see where we are going.  Win Win in my book. And they are not pulling my hair like they did when they were in the baby bike carrier that sits behind you.

The first day it was a nice bright sunny day and Henry didn't last long in it. Maybe 15 minutes. He didn't like the sun, even though he had his shades on. 

 Baby steps we figure to get him use to being in there!  Second day we went for about 45 minute ride, it was a cloudy nice day so that probably helped. I think i'm going to strap on some toys for him to chew on along the way.  I have a phone holder on my handle bars and i turned on the camera so he can see that cute baby in the phone, and turned on a Pandora station and along we pedaled around the neighborhoods. It was Aaaamazing!

Henry's Selfie


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