Week 2 of Whole30

Hey I'm still going strong!  This week had a few things popped up but nothing that I couldn't handle. I had a day where I was dizzy all day, after talking to Erinn she suggested I needed more pink salt. So I looked online and sure enough a few other people who have done the whole30 had similar experiences, and suggested the same thing. Now that your not eating packaged foods and foods that are filled with a bunch of a fillers and tons of sodium, I am not getting enough salt in my diet. Crazy! Huh?!  By the end of that day my dizziness was gone!  I have also had some issues with me looking for a snack but I was not hungry. I have been snacker as long as I can remember. So I just need to break that habit because I don't need to eat if I am  not hungry. It's hard being home all day, I feel like you have all access to my foods and I can eat it at anytime. If I was away at work I would be not able to have that access. So distractions through the day is key for me!

Day 6,7 & 8 I had issues with asthma. Something that I normally don't have to deal with, but towards the evening I would hear myself wheezing and by bed it was making it difficult to breath. So I would have to use my inhaler. It was so bizarre. But now it's not a issue again so that is nice. I'm not sure if was related to eating this way or a fluke occurrence.

Day 9 was a huge milestone. I actually enjoyed my black coffee. I have the whole30 approved nutpod coffee creamer but the black was better. So that is awesome. I feel like I joined a grown up club that can drink a cup of coffee black! But I have also learned that I don't like my coffee as strong now that I am not adding a bunch of creamer to it.

I am still doing fall baking but I am not eating any of them. Very proud of myself for staying strong and resisting it.  I like to make homemade treats for the kids for when they get home from school and before dinner. Plus Henry asked to bake at least 3 times a week it's like he is testing me and doesn't even know it. That is something we have always done together he loves to help me in the kitchen. So I don't want not do it because I can't eat it. I would say by day 9 when I was making my famous chocolate chip cookies with cream cheese inside was hard not to try a nipple of dough. But I resisted. I think it's good to put myself in situations of temptations to test myself if I am stronger then my mind! So far I am!

I have also noticed that a few vegetables dont sit well with me after I eat them and so I will take them out for a few days and then try them alone to see if it was that certain veggie that upset me. Just because it's healthy doesn't mean your body will always like it.

Day 14 I noticed something abnormal for myself. I have sjogrens syndrome and have suffered with dry mouth forever. It comes in waves where it's worse then others, but I have noticed if I eat candy or something sweet and sugary my mouth becomes dry. I have prescribed a med to help with it but I hated how it made me feel. They gives this med to chemo patients to help with moisture and saliva.  But when I took it I just never knew if I was going to be choking on my saliva; which always lead to a stomach ache. Or if was going to fine with no  major issues.  So I quit it awhile ago. But the other day I realized I was choking on my saliva ..... it totally caught me off guard. I believe that doing this elimination diet really helped with that, and eliminating the sugar was the key.

 So I took pictures of what I have been eating so you get a idea and maybe you would like to try some of the recipes.

Muffin cup with prosciutto on the bottom of the cup with a egg, spinach, mushrooms, peppers

creamer that is whole30 approved. Purchased off thrive market. I only liked it after blending it in my blender, so it gets nice froth!

Breakfast bowl with scrambled egg, sweet potatoes, peppers, Brussel sprouts, and red onions

whole30 approved bacon- which is hard to find. Most bacon has sugar added to it. Sauteed mushrooms and 2 eggs

Steak breakfast bowl with left over steaks, green peppers, potatoes, mushrooms and scramble eggs

omelette with spinach, mushrooms, bacon and eggs

Sausage breakfast bowl- broccoli, red peppers, mushrooms, potatoes, red onion, and sausage sliced up

Poached egg with potatoes, red peppers, spinach, mushrooms 

Homemade hash brown topped with a poach egg and guacamole and side of bacon

Lunches and Dinner's
Left over chicken with sweet potatoes and side salad topped with Primal Kitchen Ranch

Beef burger topped with guac and tomato with a side of fried potatoes and bacon

Steak with butternut squash and side salad

salmon with roasted broccoli

Italian meatballs with roasted veggies- broccoli, sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, onions and mushrooms

Tilapia- pan fried in ghee with a splash of lime juice and fresh cilantro and garlic. Roasted Brussel sprouts and butternut squash

Tuna salad- can tuna, 1/2 avocado, celery peppers, red onion, cilantro with a splash of white vinegar and salt and pepper

Coconut lime skillet chicken with a side of cauliflower rice

Cobb salad. romaine, red leaf lettuce, boiled eggs, cucumber, tomato, bacon, grilled chicken and topped with ranch 

Steak with asparagus and sweet potatoes

Chicken thigh with chili lime seasoning, with a side salad and sweet potato 


hard boil eggs

baby carrots and guac

peppers with guac

Chia pudding with banana. take a can of coconut milk and put it in a mason jar and sprinkle a good amount of chia seeds and then shake it. Put in fridge for at least 4hours and it will be thick like a pudding. So good

banana with almond butter

kale chips I made with avocado oil and salt. Place in the oven at 350 for 10 min. watch them they burn fast!

Im in the process of reading this book and it talks about why certain foods are eliminated in these 30 days.  It's amazing how you become so blind to your body, you tell yourself this is normal feeling after I eat and you decide to live with it. We suffer with joint pain, constipation, bloat, exhaustion and so on and we dont do anything about it? This shouldn't be our normal! Our family has been on a journey of listening to our bodies and how food makes us feel. I dont know if we will ever achieve feeling amazing all the time because our food is so messed up. But we sure our going to try.

I hope you liked seeing how my days have been this week. I am half way there and excited to get back on to eating a paleo diet. 


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