Day31 on the Whole30

I made it!!!! Lets do a happy dance together...  I wasn't worried I wouldn't make it because once I put my mind to something I like to follow through! I would say by the end of this I had such great will power and temptations were not even a issue. Multiple times of having food I can't eat, ate right in front of me and actually I was grossed out by the smell of it that I didn't even care. I hope that never goes away but I'm human and I will make mistakes and I will make choices to eat something I know my body wont approve of. But I have learned to start again and forgive myself. I also started doing a workout 6x's a day one week prior to starting whole30. They were short 10-22min. workouts but they were great for targeted areas.

Whole30 has a list of non scale victories that you can go through before you weigh yourself on day 31. It's a way to applaud yourself for all these other things you have learned and accomplished during this period of time. Don't just look at the numbers! It's hard to say it's not about the numbers but we live in such a disorientated life of numbers matter that it's hard not to get wrapped up into it.

Here are my non scale victories

  • glowing skin
  • improved dry rashes and patches
  • longer and stronger nails
  • clothes fitting better
  • Non inflamed gums
  • less stomach pains
  • few migraines
  • less acid reflux
  • happier
  • few sugar cravings
  • improved body image
  • feeling in control of your food
  • practicing mindful eating
  • learned to read food labels
  • listens to your body
  • more nutrition in my diet
  • can identify cravings vs hunger
  • no longer using food for comfort
  • thinks more clearly
  • sleeps soundly
  • wakes up refreshed
  • energy level is high
  • energy level is even
  • no more mid day slumps
  • more energy to play with the kids
  • more energy to exercise
  • dont need to eat every 2 hours
  • need less sugar or caffeine
  • became more consistent with exercise 
  • recovers more effectively
  • my balance is better
  • tried tons of new recipes
  • im organized with meal prep
  • learned to eat leftover and make new meals from them
  • sjogren syndrome symptoms are less

I have learned if I am tired it's because I didn't get a good starchy carb with my last meal. For some reason I need that for energy. Normally I would reach for the coffee and instead I will grab a sweet potato and and eat some of that and with in 20-30 I am back to normal. I also have learned that almonds are not my friend. After eating them with apples I feel blah right away and my stomach hurts. So I will be finding a new nut butter to enjoy with my apples.  I also had a goal that I would try new veggies that I normally don't eat. I did roast up a beet with some carrots and Brussel sprouts and that was amazing. I was nervous because the only way I have had beets in the past was juicing it and pickled beets. But they were so good. Roasting any veggie is amazing I find. You don't like getting stuck in a rut with your food because that is when you make poor choices.

So now to the numbers..
I lost 4 lbs and 4 inches all over. I was a little sad on the scale number at first but once I measured myself I was happy.

Highly recommend doing this restart, you won't regret!


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