Pumpkin Fun!

This weekend was a fun filled weekend for sure! Scott had his final running race of the year and he was doing it with his sister and her husband. It was the monster dash!!!!! So they dress up and costume and ran 10 miles in the super cold and freshly snowed roads.  They are crazy but at least they had fun. The kids and I decided to stay home and not go spectate it, because we are wimps in the cold.

We also had our pumpkin carving day and let me tell you the kids were so excited to finally be able to carve them. They asked for a week straight if today was the day. I let them go on the computer and pick out the template or design that they wanted to do. It is slowly getting easier craving each year because they are able to do a lot of it themselves. We did have a slow rocky start with Henry because he wanted Kate's pumpkin and he wasn't happy with the one he picked out at the farm. After having a good 5 minute fit he finally accepted the pumpkin and wanted to start carving it. Whew that was close.
We decided to try the shaving technique this year but I didn't want to go buy the tool for it so scott taped a bobby pin on the end of a pencil and we used that to shave down the outside of the pumpkin. Maybe next year I will buy that tool but I have to say it worked fairly well. It does give it a nice look, as long as you dont shave too much down!

We hung around home all weekend and the kids went in and out to play in the snow that we have left in the yard. I am not excited about being closed in the house for this season but I will have to start doing more craft projects and other things that involve being indoor.  And so our YMCA membership will be back so we will be having family fitness activities again when it's cold outside and you have to many energy.


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