Fall Festivaties

You know when fall has arrived when your mowing your yard almost daily to keep the leaves at bay. You also know fall has arrived when you see so many pumpkin patch signs up along the road. We decided that we would go to a pumpkin patch this year because we didn't make it to the apple orchard. Our neighbor suggested one in Andover that is fun and is reasonable priced. Close by and not going to break the bank, that sounds like it is right up my alley!  We we put that on the calendar last week.

The kids were off school all last week for mea break, so we had lots of time to do fun activities during this time. Unfortantly Henry came down with a 24 flu bug on the first day so we had two days of chilling around home to make sure he was resting. So since we were homebound I thought it was perfect time to do some fall/halloween crafts to decorate our house.  I went to the store the week before and stocked up on construction paper, glue, google eyes, bat cut outs, and string. We pulled up pinterest to get the ideas flowing and let them have at it. They loved it, and it kept them busy for a few hours each day creating. I would say our house is screaming fall now for sure!

By the end of the week we were ready for the pumpkin patch adventure. We waited for Scott to get off work to head over. They didn't charge up admission because we didn't do the hay ride. We avoid hay and straw with Kate because it could have some left over wheat in them and there is no point to put her at risk with that!  But we did a corn maze, visited all the animals in the barn, and of course we picked the very best carving pumpkins we could find. Bella and I wanted white pumpkins this year instead of the classic orange one. I really want to grow some of the galaxy pumpkins next year in my garden. They are so beautiful!


my heart melts on this photo

feathers + polka dots -what could be better?


big fat pig

So next weekend we will be doing our yearly carving event so they are ready for halloween trick or treaters.  I think this week will be picking our our design so we are ready for the weekend carving.  
I hope you are soaking up as much fall as you can get because up next is the dreading freezing winter. Well at least it is here in lovely MN. 


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