Young Living Stress Away Oil

I love essential oils and i use them multiple times a day. A lot of people have heard about them and its become a craze the past few years. Crazes always get a bad rap because they assume its a phase and it will pass. I don't believe these will pass after you begin using them and understanding what they can do. I have been talking to people about oils and why i love them and even some of them have started buying some, but i have realized a lot of people don't know how to use them to there fully potential. So here goes my first oil, i will tell you about it and how to use it. I use young living essential oils because i find that they are the highest therapeutic grade oil.


This is my go to oil everyday. I have two bottles of this stuff on my shelf, but one has a roller ball top. That way it's easy to apply quickly to my wrist, temples and back of the neck in the morning. I also add a few drops to my diffuser necklace to smell throughout the day. I say this is a mama's best friend oil.

If you have higher stress in your life you tend to have a weak immune system. So why not choose to help with that. Life has a lot of stress!!! Remember that you cant control all stress so pray and give it to God and release the control. The weight will be lifted and press on! Trust me i have been practicing this lesson for many years and i have to say i am happier person because of it.

Stress away oil is a blend which means it has a few other oils in it.

This oil has copaiba oil in this blend which is a great oil for anti-inflammatory, and pains and stiffness. This oil also is a great driving oil.  What i mean about this is, you apply another oil and then the copaiba oil it will apply the effects of the first oil you applied. How awesome is that?

Lime oil which is a nice refreshing scent in my opinion. It's a great oil for depression.

Cederwood oil is a calming oil. Most people associate it with a night time oil. Also great for nervous tension.

 Ocotea oil is a emotional balance oil

Lavender oil is a relaxing oil. I have to admit lavender is not my favorite scent but in this blend it's not a prominent smell so it's perfect!

Vanilla is also in this blend!

Ok know that you know what oils are in this blend and the most common place to use it on your body, let me tell you other ways to use this oil.

I love to make my own Lotion from this website and i use 20 drops of stress away oil to scent it.

I also make a Anxiety Blend that i have in a roller bottle for the kids when they need it.

  • 3 drops of copaiba
  • 2 drops lavender
  • 3 drops surrender
  • 2 stress away
  • 2 drops peace and calming
  • 3 drops bergamont
  • top with carrier oil
apply on wrist, temples, and neck when you need it. We had issues with going to school, or before they do something that scares them, or at school. They know where the bottle is on the shelf and apply it when they feel they need it.

I also make a Sleepy Spray in a large glass spray bottle, apply on face, feet and pillow before bed.
  • peace and calming
  • stress away
  • lavender
  • valor
  • rutavala
  • cederwood
10 drops each and top of with a carrier oil in bottle
if your using a small bottle cut it down in half with the amount of oil drops you use.

Bath Time relaxation

I wish my tub was a deep soaker tub, but since it is not i have to make do! I love taking baths with Epsom salt and essential oils in them. Make sure you have a cup with Epsom salt and then apply the drops of oils to the salt. If you drop the essential oils in the bath - well we all know oil and water don't mix. 

  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • 4-5 drops of stress away oil
  • 1/4 cup of sea salt 
add to nice hot bath and soak for around 20 min. 

And last but not least diffuse it!  I have my diffuser running in my house 24/7. Two of my kids sleep with a diffuser on at night and then i have one in my main living area running through out the day.  I need 2 more if i am being honest. I don't like having to move them room to room. Make sure you look for a diffuser with a good sq of how far it will diffuser in the air. Amazon has great prices on them, just look at the size of the machine before purchasing. I made a mistake and order one and it was a tiny little diffuser. I use it in the kids room at night but i have to admit i was disappointed with the size. Rookie mistake

If you are all interested in buying oils or buying a starter kit here is the Young Living link to start. My enroll and sponsor number is already added just need to fill out your info. 

If you have any questions about oils comment below or share why you love Stress away oil. I am learning more and more as i use these and i enjoy reading on how each oil works and what is in them. The recipes i have shared work for me and my family, they are not intended to cure according to the FDA.  


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