Bubble Palooza

I was watching this video on youbtube by  Whats Up Moms. They put up videos about cooking, diy  and family stuff. Well they did this video making giant bubbles and i just had to try it.

You will need

  • 2 sticks of any kind
  • string
  • metal washer
  • Dawn dish soap-8 oz
  • water-16 cups
  • baking soda-1 tbsp
  • xathun gum or gaur gum 1tbsp
  • super large bowl or bucket

First take your sticks and lay them down spread apart a foot or so then attach the string and knot it at the end, add your washer and then take the string and make a shape of a v between the two sticks and make a knot on the other stick then bring the string back to the first stick and knot it again. This is really hard to explain. watch the video here.

Then your going to grab your bowl and mix your baking soda and xathun gum together with your dish soap. This xanthun gum is binding agent that you use in gluten free baking it holds things together. I am so glad i have a uber amount of this on hand!  Then after you have this mixed up add your water and mix till well blended.

Take your two sticks and gently dip it into the bowl and be sure to not make a big knot in your string. This was so much fun doing with the kids and as we played the bubbles stay up better and longer. When they pop it's like a fiber substance as they comes down, probably from the baking soda and xanthun gum.

This activity of bubbles went on all day and the kids took mini breaks between to sun up, read and eat

The neighbor also brought over his tractor for the kids to play on and ask 6 million questions about what this piece does what does that do and why is it this.... he was so sweet to educate them on the tractor. Unfortunately he came during henry's nap time so he missed it!

I think next time i will cut the recipe down in half because it made so much and by day 3 the bubbles were not as good as day one. 


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