Trying New Things Together

So today Henry and I decided to try a new thing that both of us have never done before. We joined the ECFE program at our local school. We were invited by a friend who goes to this group once every week and insisted it would be a great fit for us! I am always a little shy going into things for the first time but the benefits out weighed the scariness.  I needed this as much as he did!

I said a little prayer and headed into the school and we both had a great time.... The moms and one dad were so nice. This class is for only his age group, so it will be nice that they are all learning and discovery stuff together.  The kids get to play with there parents in this room full of learning stuff and toys, and then we clean up and do a few songs. Then the kids are given a snack to eat while the parents go in another room to talk about stuff. Today we planned out what topics we would like to talk about this session and just got to know each other better.  It was nice and i never felt out of place and Henry got along too!

I think this is going to be nice for him to learn to share, interact, and have fun with other kids. And i am going to get some adult time along with it!  WIN WIN.... I wish scott was able to do this when he was a stay at home dad a few years ago!  I think he would have had fun in this class.


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