DIY Dribble Bandana's

A friend asked me to make her daughter some dribble bandanna's. I have seen them and i thought they were super cute and a fun new way of wearing a bib.  So i searched my dear friend Pinterest for ideas, and maybe a pattern and lucky me i found a couple that would work. So i printed out there template and cut out one of each of the patterns to see which one i thought would be the cutest and fit the best. I decided to go with this one!  I have tons of fabric but i thought i would check out the fabric store to see if anything caught my eye.  When shopping for someone else i get nervous that my taste is not there taste so I'm usually go cautious. I picked out 3 different fabrics and got 1/4 yard of each. then i went through my bin and picked out 4 more and sent her a picture to let her pick her choices. Now that it's just me and Mr. Henry i am able to sew during his nap time!  That is pretty awesome....

I began with printing out my template that i got from that site, and i cut the pattern 1/2 inch larger then the template to allow for my seams.  I then picked two fabrics i wanted to use on the bib. I wanted one side a cotton and the other side a soft flannel or terry cloth. That was my plan!  I laid the template on the folded part of my fabric and cut out one piece from each material.

Then gave them each a ironing.....

I placed the two wrong sides together and pinned them.

Then sew around your perimeter and leave a 3 inch or so opening so you can turn it inside out. (the first time i used my serger to sew around the edges but it work like i hoped so i switched to my regular machine and did a straight stitch).

I flipped it inside out and then ironed again.

After it was smooth and i folded the opening closed i sewed a straight stitch all the way around, right around the edge of the bib.

Then it was time to place the snaps on the bib. I guessed on where i should place them, because i didn't have her neck measurements. I did two like the pattern because then she could grow along with it.

And Bada Bing!!!!!

I tried it on Henry after he woke up, right as i was finishing sewing the 4 bibs... (best baby ever) and he modeled the bib for me!  I found some cute mustache material that would be cute for a little boy bib.

In the end i did a range of bibs with different thickness and absorbencies. And the best thing is they are reversible so she can have 8 different options with those 4  bibs.

I am so glad that my sewing machine was out again, it's been a really long time. I have a few things that i want to sew i just need to do them now!


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