School is in Session

This past year i have thought about what it would be like to have two kids in school full time. I was excited for that new chapter. I would be able do things i have not able to do and spend good quality time with henry as he is learning new things. But i have to tell ya today didn't go as i had envision today going. Well in my head i saw me getting the girls on the bus, taking a walk with henry in the stroller, enjoying quiet time while henry napped, going to the gym, running to a store, and home to prep dinner for when the family arrived home. Well lets just say today was anything but that!  

Got all the kids in bed at 8:30 the night before, scott and i caught up with each other and then went to bed because we knew Henry was not going to sleep good. He has had a upset stomach all day and was super fussy.  As soon as we fell asleep Bella runs upstairs and starts going  on about her shoes attacking her, she was obviously sleep walking. She does that when she gets nervous or stressed. Scott got her back to bed and then 2 min. later she ran upstairs did a lap around our room and then back downstairs.  Then it was Henry's turn he wake up at 12:30 and was up till about 2 am. Scott and I both stayed up with him, he was not happy and very uncomfortable. We went back to bed but i was not able to relax enough to get a good night sleep. I was woken up by Kate at 6 am sharp. This girl in the past has never been easy to get up for school. But maybe this is the year she is up, happy and ready to go each day.  The only problem was she was up a hour and half early!  Oh well sleep is over rated i just kept telling myself!  

Henry woke up at 6:30 and Bella at 7:15..... So we all grabbed some breakfast and i tried to make very unhappy Henry some what happy. I scheduled a doctor appointment for him and for me for 10 am. Grabbed a cup of coffee or two and made sure the girls backpacks were ready, wrote out some lunch money checks and got my camera ready for the first day of school pictures.  They were excited for school to begin with so they were easy helpers for me. The night before i wrote out the signs they were going to hold so i wouldn't have to worry about that in the morning, which i was so glad i did!  

Well 8:30 arrived and it was time we all headed to the corner for bus pick up. By this time i was being worn thin by Henry's crankiness and my lack of sleep. It didn't help that the bus was 30 min. late!!!!! When the bus arrived, another bus came from the opposite direction and they both stopped at the corner. They were two confused drivers and after getting the kids on the right bus they drove off. I missed getting a good bye hug and kisses from the because of all the craziness it got forgotten! Sad.... There were no tears of sadness for them going to school, maybe tears of  exhaustion but that was it.  We went inside and cuddled on the couch for a hour and then loaded up to go see the doctor.  He was being seen for a deep splinter he had in his foot that we couldn't get out and for his tummy that was sour.  I felt so bad they and to but him in this device to hold him down to get at his foot. It took 15 min or so and one unhappy baby during the whole process. Then it was my turn to be seen. My thrush has not gone away after 4 rounds of meds. so i wanted to get it looked at again. One more round of different kind of medicine and scraping of my tongue to see if it's a fungus or something!  Looks like i will be heading to the ENT in 9 days to have him figure me out!  By the time we left it had been almost two hours.

Henry fell asleep on the way home and slept till 2:30. I should have napped along with him but i had to many cups of coffee in me and lots of household things i needed to do.  Plus our neighborhood has a criminal that has shot someone and robbed a bank out on the loose. The helicopter and sirens are so loud i don't think i could sleep if i wanted to!  I hope they catch that guy so mommy radar can calm down.  We spent the night at home playing wii games and talking about the stuff we did at school. They were all in bed by 8:15!!! It was not as how i had planned this day going but my girls were happy on how the day went and that is all a momma could ask for. 

She wants to be a paleontologist when she goes up

Kate wants to be dance teacher when she grows up

She is actually smiling and looking at the camera.... That never happens!!!

every year we take a picture of us together before they head off to school

we might have gone over board! I wonder what our neighbors think of us? Oh well we have fun!

Cant for get cranky henry!!!

I love that they love school and i pray that continues and they grow stronger with there friendships, the education, and as a person. 


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