Summer Break Week 3

It seems easier to recap the week then try to blog a couple times a week!
This week started out really rough, we finally were able to pull ourselves out of this funky mood by wednesday.  It was a whole lot of attitudes being spoken, and then a little 24 hour stomach bug hit later in the week with Bella.

Monday i printed off some spelling test for the kids in the grade they are going into this fall. I figured they need to keep up on reading and math while they are on break.  And to my surprise they were totally on board.  I went to the k12 site and found a spelling test for each of them, plus a reading and compressive page, and a math practice.  They were even asking me to retest them on the spelling through out the week.

Tuesday it was also time to do a little pinterest craft again.... this time we made a wind chime out of cans. I grabbed a few paint cans from the stash and let them pick 2 of there colors.  I nailed a hole in the top of each can and then let them paint them up.  After they dried the next day we strung some yarn through the top and the second can.  And then they wrote there names on them so they know who's is who!  I hung them in the porch for us to enjoy them this summer when the wind is blowing through the room.

We also tried our hand at making ice cream again. I thought i would try a new technique and use a ice cream pail and ziplock instead but it was a fail again.  Giving up!  So i made popsicles instead.

Wednesday I made these popsicles with 1 cup of trader joes greek honey yogurt, 1 tbsp of honey, 8 strawberries, and splash of vanilla. Mix them up in the food processor or bullet and put them in the popsicle container.  So yummy! I also made some in ice cube tray so henry could have some his size!

We also loaded the family up and rode our bikes over to the coon rapids dam. Unfortantely we were not able to ride the trails much almost every trail was flooded and they were working on the dam so you couldn't cross over all the way.  But Scott and I were pooped by the time we got home. I had Kate on the trail along bike with me and Scott had Bella on the tandem bike with Henry. The girls were not being good peddlers that night. 
Oh and henry fell asleep 10 minutes into the ride.

Thursday we also checked off haircuts for all three of them.... That has been on the list for awhile.  It's pricey get all three done at once.  We didn't do big changes just cleaned up what they had.  No new do's
They were more excited about getting the color sprayed on the hair and the water fall braid they always do after the cut.

Friday we enjoyed having our friends over for a bbq.  I made rosemary garlic chicken legs and grilled corn on the cobb.  That totally reminds me of summer when i we eat that meal.

Saturday scott had to go in to work because they are trying to finish this building they are working on so he is doing 10 hour days during the week and working this Saturday and Sunday.  When Dad got home from work he taught the girls how to cast there fishing poles.  Bella might have casted so far it got stuck in there tree for a bit.

Grandma and Grandpa came down early to hang out with us before we headed over to Scott's brothers house for a little bbq between he rain showers. The kids had a little to much fun stacking each other!

And Sunday was chill day..  Lounged around the house and caught back up on the laundry and walked to the park.

I have to sayHenry really has grown this week he is rambling up storm and he has to have me look at stuff he did weather it's a mess he made or a toy he had and then goes on a 2 min. ramble and pointing to explain to me what he is thinking. He also is playing more independently with his truck and blocks.  And my new favorite thing is he letting me reading a book cover to cover without closing it mid reading. But he has to sit on my lap when i read to him.  I don't want him to grow anymore, i love him at this stage!

Oh he took a big bite of chalk this week. This pictures captures how it taste

Bella is such a big helper and is wanting to learn how to do the stuff i am doing.  She has learned how to cook her own eggs, is able to switch the laundry over to the dryer, waters my garden, and so many more. It makes it so nice to have a big helper with me everyday.

Kate she cracks me up daily with the things that come out of her mouth.  She also has started the stage of dress wearing and that is all that she will wear now.  Bella went through the same stage!  She too has also learned to take on more responsibility and has become more curious about the daily things i do around the house. She enjoys washing the counters in the kitchen and picking the weeds in the garden with me.


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