Mr. Handsome on Solids

The time has come... Solids at 5 months 1 week! I'm still a little in shock that he is old enough to be enjoying food along with us at dinner. Scott has been asking to start solids for weeks and finally i agreed to it!  I plucked a couple of carrots out of my garden, steamed them up, and then pureed them in the bullet.  He was placed in the highchair with a bib and ready to test this new food.  And the face he made was priceless~ yucky mom! Please don't shovel anymore of that in my mouth!  So i had a back up plan.... I bought a small container of oatmeal cereal for him. He loved them, and couldn't get the spoon in his mouth fast enough.

Then i bought a few jars of organic baby food from the store of the foods that i didn't have growing in my garden. Peas & Sweet Potatoes. And he loved both of them too!  Tonight i'm going to try green beans from the garden that i did the same method of preparing as the carrots. We will see!  Oh and his favorite thing to do is to steal the spoon as your feeding him. I think i might try cut up foods since he enjoys feeding himself.

Here is a few collections of photos of Mr. Henry eating away.

Carrots for the first time

He still smiles even though he didnt like them

yucky face

oatmeal cereal

daddy feeding him oatmeal cereal

not a fan of carrots, can you tell?
look mom i can feed myself the sweet potatoes

happy baby

Mmmmm so good, now give me more!


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