Henry's 6 month update

Yep we are half way through the first year! Eeeekkk... I keep asking Scott to make him stop growing, because he is so cute and i want him to stay small and cuddly forever!  But he is so excited for the next stage of his life, he enjoys the crawling and moving stage.

He went in for his vaccines yesterday and he weigh's 21 lbs 4 oz, and is 26.75 inches tall. She said he is such a good healthy lil man! She also said she is sure his eyes are not going to turn brown! Yeah a kid that has almost mama's eyes. Mine are hazel! The rest of the family is brown eyed!

I thought for sure this last week that he was going to be crawling before the 6 month mark. He is so close it hurts, he is able to get his knees under his bottom and is in the position like he is going to crawl but doesn't know how to make his leg move. He also is able to jump his legs off the ground, and im not sure what he is trying to accomplish but it crazy! He does do a backward slide around the living room floor and ends up in the corner or underneath the furniture. He also is able to sit up on his own for about 95% of the time, he does occasionally fall back. He can go from sitting to rolling over, but not from ground to sitting .

He is loving his solids, and i'm going to be upping the amount he gets now. We have been doing oatmeal, or small amount of solids just at supper. But i will be doing a breakfast now, just to fill him up more! So far he has tried peas, carrots, green beans. sweet potato, pumpkin & apples, and oatmeal. And loves them all! After he is done eating and i wash his hands with a rag he laughs. It's cute! He also learned to drink out of a bottle so I dont have to run home to feed him if i'm out in and about! Yeah Henry!

He hasn't figured out how to self sooth himself to sleep at night and some nap times. So i talked with the doctor and she said i'm just going to have to figure out a routine where he will learn to fall asleep on his own. Let him cry it out for at least 20 min. or play music, whatever you come up with. So last night we tried that for the first time, i feed him and then put him in his bed and he cried for about 25 min. and Scott picked him up and cuddled him and laid him back in there and he cried again. I decided i would feed him again, he feel asleep, and then we moved him to his bed and he woke right up and cried again. It's so hard to listen to them cry! It's going to be a gradual process, but worth it in the end. He is still sleeping upstairs with us, but is now in a pack and play. I wont have him sleep in his room till he sleeps through the night. He was sleeping through the night for almost a month but now he gets up at least once a night sometimes twice. I'm thinking more solids will help that too!

He has become so vocal now... He has a opinion and he lets us now by making crazy sounds.  He will let us know when he is sick of being in the car seat, so he does this annoying huuuuh sound and it's not quiet. He also will makes a fake cough sound when he wants milk NOW! It's funny yet annoying!

He has two teeth in and he really enjoys playing with his tongue. Seriously the faces this kid makes crack me up. He rolls his tongue around inside and outside his mouth and he will bite your finger if you put it in his mouth. He also loves to shove everything in his mouth.  Teething toys are always in his hands or in his mouth. And the death grip on this kid is crazzzyy. He will grab a hold of something weather it be my hair, cup, or toy he will hold tight and not let go. And he really enjoys pinching my skin, or my face. I'm not sure if it's him trying to figure out what it is or he enjoys causing me pain!

We just bought a rear facing car seat for him, he about done with the infant seat that we carry around. Well mainly because he is so heavy to carry around in that!

I'm sure by his next month update he is going to be in to everything and my house will be totally re arranged and baby proofed.

Fun things we did & learned during month 5...

It was hot so we played in our bath tub outside

matching shoes with dad

learned to drink out of a bottle

discovered the dog

enjoyed time with dad in the grass

really got to enjoy nice green grass

cuddling with Kate watching pbs

I love solids

Renaissance Festival fun

Family time at the Renaissance

Give me that turkey leg! Mine.. Mine..

playground time

enjoying his toys

Petting Rosie

My first haircut ~ cut by mom

Henry's weekly photo during month 5







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