10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Ok. Our wedding Anniversary was a few weeks ago, but some how it slipped thru my fingers on posting how we celebrated our day.  We couldn't believe how fast those 10 years went by. I think the first 10 years seem to fly by so fast for couples. Its the time in your life where you are buying your first home and fixing it up just how you want it, starting a family and raising them.  Well that was how it went for us!

We planned that we would buy a tandem bike for gift!  Fun? For us, Yes!  We found a used one on good ol craigslist and we bought it from a cute couple in there 50's. They bought it so they can ride together but do to her bad knees it didn't pan out.  They even gave us a discount and thru in 2 helmets, clothes for the girls, and blow up sprinkler. No Joke!

Scott surprised me that morning by calling in so he can spend the whole day with me! Cue the Awhhhh's. He also bought me flowers!

We had breakfast together, then got the girls off to school.  Loaded up Henry in the bike seat and went for a 6ish mile bike ride, {Henry fell asleep and was flopping around so we called it done}. Then we ran around town together!  By that time it was time to go home to be there when Kate got home from school.  Unfortunately after that we had to go to Discount tire to get my tire fixed on the van because they didn't balance right and it was the only day we could do it!  Booo. It took forever so we enjoyed time with the two kids in the grass outside.

We had a babysitter lined up for that evening! All three kids went to a friend of ours, yes i said all three! Henry learned to drink out of a bottle so he was able to go play with them for a few hours while Scott and I were able to have quality time together.   We didn't have a plan on where we were going out to eat so we just started driving south till we figured it out. We landed at this restaurant called Milton's in crystal. I was a restaurant that opened up in the last year, and Scott did the plumbing in there. He said it looks like something i would really like. He was totally right! Super cute, cozy, home cooking, and the setting/vibe was so cute. Oh and they had these ceramic fish water pitchers that gurgled after you poured them. It was a signature thing for the restaurant.  We ended up splitting a meat because we wanted to go out for dessert else where. Seriously this was a big deal Scott doesn't share meals, it took 10 years to share a meal with me.  We had the Milton's ribeye  on ciabatta roll. It was very tasty! Then headed down to uptown area.

We parked, got a coffee and walked around. We ended up in a building that a bunch of stores and what not so we browsed around H&M and talked about going to the famous daves restaurant to listen to the blues band but decided to keep on walking around. It was a busy night and there was a lot of people out and about doing the same thing!  We went to the french meadow, which is a place i have been before and loved.  The desserts where not awesome, probably because it was 9ish at night and they were baked in the early am., but we did get a mac and cheese to go!
Scott's rose cake

my fruit tart

out on the back patio

 Picked up Henry and left the girls to have a sleep over at there friends house and then went home. What a busy busy day.

It was so nice to have a little date night, its been a long time!  I cant wait to to see what the next years is like!


  1. Happy happy (late) anniversary! Sounds like a great day.


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