Climbing New Ropes

Yesterday the kids and I went to the YMCA and as soon as Bella saw they were rock climbing she was all over trying to convince me i didn't need to work out and that we should rock climb. Ugg first i was annoyed. Come on this is my one hour of no kid time!!!!!! But then i was like i she is at school all day and i don't see her.  Well needless to say we got our harness on and signed the clipboard.  I had them refresh me a bit and before and not long after Bella was scaling the wall. The lady said i was good be lair, and asked me if i got certified yet? Nope. So she said on the next climb Bella took she was going to test me and if i passed i wouldn't need a spotter watching us anymore. Sweet!!!! Having a spotter takes more time because they have to rotate through the kids and parents. Well i passed!!!!!

Sorry no pictures because that would mean i would have to take my hands off the road and that is a safety issue!!!!!

I have to admit have the spotter is added insurance, and i was a bit nervous the first run because I'm the one responsible for her scaling the wall ;) but i just have to trust what i know.

Add that to the list of living fear less  -yeah baby!!!1


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