Summer Break Week 5

Monday's forecast had rain chance so we had to plan our day very carefully.  Our morning routine has changed a bit, i am waking these ladies out of bed by 7:30 because they are not going to bed at normal time anymore.  And they have become little cranks through out the day due to lack of sleep.  Lets just say these ladies are not happy with me waking them up that early!  By 12:30 we loaded our sunscreen bodies on to our bikes and rode to a near by park that the kids have been bagging to go to! Seriously we have a lot of parks in our area!  We played there for a bit and then we rode home when the dark skies began rolling in.  We made it home, and twenty minutes later the rain came.  Then again at 5 and again at 6.  The six o clock storm was pretty intense, we drove through that on the way to the YMCA, and by the time we got there these rain had stopped. Yippie!

Tuesday while we were out checking the garden we noticed we had some good size pickling cucumbers ready so i looked up on good old pinterest for a refrigerator pickle recipe and realized we would be walking to the store to pick up garlic and dill.  I don't know why i didn't grow dill in the garden this year.  opps!  Got home and Bella helped me make 3 jars.  She had fun and finally said the dill smelled good.  I love dill and the smell of it!  They turned out yummy! Bella at one small jar herself.  I also was able to have date night with my two favorite men.... The girls went to the pool with a friend so we went out to dinner at the Anchor in NE Minneapolis.  Then went downtown to go clothes shopping, which ended in a total bust. Everything clothes at 7 but Macy's.  I found a few pieces i really liked and most of them were on mark down. I found this cute summer dress and a shirt that scott picked out for me. Yes he loves to shop for me! Sweet? He loves the brand lucky and he found this shirt with a  big bear on it that said something about not eating the hipsters but i didn't buy it because it was 40.00- he thought it was on clearance... Not and this women can't spend that much on a shirt. And the dress is going back because i forgot to do the sit test before i left and it's to short when i sit.  Come on i'm not the only women who does that test in the fitting room!    We finished the night off with A & W floats and it was all around awesome day!
Henry sat in this vintage highchair for dinner on the patio!

Wednesday the girls are cranky and henry is on the edge.  The girls didn't arrive home till 10 pm and i woke them at by 9 because this mama has a schedule she going to keep.  It was grocery shopping day so we headed over to Maple Grove to go to Costco and Trader Joes and some how i ended up at Gap. I am trying to refill my empty closet.  I so scored the clearance section was on a 40% discount. 2 skirts, 1 tank, 2 kids tanks, 2 kids flip flops, and a dress for bella and i think i spent 58.00.  Raise your hands up for this mama! I had to cut my shopping trip short because my heart started beating a million miles a minute and i just wanted to get home. Seriously this happens every so often and never in convent times. When dad got home we decided to go to bryant park for summer concert in the park night. The kids played on a bouncy house, bubbles, chalk, and in the park. We finished the night off with ice cream and a walk around the area.

Thursday was chill day and of course we hit the park like we do everyday.

Friday Scott only worked 3 hours because they needed them out of the building so they can do final inspections.  So we made the most out of him being home on a weekday. Two friday's in a row is pretty awesome. We decided to go to St. Cloud since it has been years since we have been there. We thought it would be fun to show the kids all the places we went and the apartment i had.  We went to one of our favorite places to hang out before or after a movie. The parkwood diner.  The kids got paper car-the food was suppose to come in in but they order breakfast foods so they just gave them to them. Scott would always ask for one of them every time we were there and try to collect all the different cars. Silly boys!  Then we drove over to the mall to see what's happening there! We are so not mall people we spent .75 cents on gum balls in the machines..  :)  We drove around town a bit then went over the gardens to show how beautiful they are to the kids.  The girls loved walking around to see and smell them.  Plus it gave them time to get there wiggles out.  My sister got off work at 4 so we waited to go over to her place till she was home. They were in the middle of a move so we just hung out and ordered a pizza.
he couldn't get enough of his milkshake

at the diner

Saturday the girls and I went to my cousins bridal shower for brunch. It's always nice to have family advents on my side because i don't see them that often and it's so nice to catch up with everyone.  Since the weather was nice we went out for a long family bike ride around town and then off to church we went.

Sunday we spent the morning cleaning the house and sorting out the garage. The garage is always needing a sorting!  Then after lunch we loaded up the family and drove to como. I think everyone had the same idea because parking was a absolute nightmare. But luckily we scored front row parking!  Henry fell asleep on the way and even after putting him the stroller he was still out. He missed the polar bears, flamingos, seals, and bison. But woke just in time to see the lions, giraffes, monkeys, and then we went back to the flamingos and turtle statue. We also went over the conservatory. I love that place. I really like the one that had the misters going inside.  Felt awesome!  After we finished there Scott thought we would drive over to minnehaha falls and walk down by the water.  We have never done that we always walk around above the falls and go to the water park section. I am so glad we did it was beautiful and the water was moving fast.  The girls even hoped in the water at the second bridge.  We stopped at chipotle on the way home to sit down and enjoy our dinner on the patio.  We were non stop all day it felt great.  
measuring the gorilla's  arm span

my three little monkeys

henry attacking sisters dress!

sunk in garden

playing in the kids area

cute little red frog

traditional turtle picture

he loved this turtle

kates favorite spot
henry couldn't keep his eyes of the giraffe

 Minnehaha falls

daddy carrying henry plus the stroller down many flights of stairs

above the falls

above the falls

first bridge below the falls

Henry saying "this, this" every two seconds

look at how fast the water is moving

cooling off break

This week was fun and were able to do a lot of the stuff we enjoy doing in summer.


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