Summer Break Week 4

Short work week... Yeah! Not for me, but my partner in crime will be home with us on this long weekend.  And you got to love that!

Monday Bella decided she wanted to make some rainbow loom brackets and sell them like she does every summer with her lemonade stand.  I tried to explain to it would be more difficult because we don't always have the people walking by to stop and look at what she made.

Tuesday we started writing a book. Well i mean the girls have! I bought one of the sketch books that have blank paper on the top and writing spot on the bottom of the page.  I told them they had to think about what they wanted to write about together and the characters they wanted to have, and stuff   that they would have to deal with. They also could only write one page per day. They were excited about this.

Wednesday and thursday nothing to big happened we went to the park and spent most of the day doing these bead craft that i picked up from JoAnn's. It has these templates that you place the bead on and then when you finish it you iron them and they melt down and you have these cute little things. It's relaxing... kinda like coloring!

oh man this little guy is trouble

We went out to Acapulco for dinner and followed it up with fried ice cream. 

Friday we made our way north to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa for the day.  We were just going to have a chill day there and enjoy each others company. We brought our bikes with so we could go for a long country ride. We only made it a little over 7 miles. Bella was a little tuckered out from the hills and wind.  Mid day we went to visit Grandma Bette to celebrate her 85th birthday with her.  As we were heading back to the haggenmiller's house we passed through a mini shower and by the time we got there it was over!  Perfect timing!  Shaun and Colie stopped over and hung out with the us for the rest of the afternoon. They got the golf cart up and running and it was slow enough for Ms. Bella to drive it for herself. She was driving everyone around the yard and up and down the road. She was beyond excited about this!  We headed home around 8:30 and were hoping to be driving through our town when the fireworks were going off but we were about 15 min. to early. So we just stopped and parked and the girls hopped on the hood of the truck and watched while henry slept in the back. Totally awesome day!
this little guy has to grab a tool and check every bike wheel around the yard!

No he did not ride on this motorcycle.... just took a picture with dad

found my old wagon and then began fun for everyone!

smore time!

Saturday i thought it would be a blast if we went out to the strawberry patch and picked strawberries with the family. They all have never done that and then i could make jam with it. We went to the champlin berry farm because they don't spray there berries.  9 lbs for 20.00 bucks!  We stopped by the store and picked up a steak to go home and make burrito bowls for lunch. One of our favorite meals! I decided to lay down for a nap and ended up sleeping for 3 hours.... i must have needed it!  i woke just in time for church.  I couldn't wait to make jam for tomorrow so i began prepping the berries and boiling the water and away i went.

Sunday i spent a good part of the morning cleaning our house. It's amazing how fast this place gets destroyed! Then we just hung out at home..... And a new first for us we let a teenage girl baby sit all of our kids while we went to the movies with the neighbors. I was nervous but i gave her every number plus the neighbors number just in case something came up. I was a little less nervous  having bella there with her because she knows Henry very well. In the end it ended great!  The kids had a blast and no one was hurt or drama happened.  We finished out the night by taking our family plus 3 of the neighbor kids on a 6 isn mile bike ride.

It was a fun but busy week, but that is nothing out of the ordinary for our short summer months her in MN. :)


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