Sunday Funday

You ever have one of those days where you kinda have a plan for the day but then nothing worked as you thought it would so you end up doing something totally different?  Well i am glad it was that kind of day!  Sunday when the Haggenmiller grandparents came down to visit we tried to go see Frozen again at the St. Paul Riverview discount theater and it was sold out, plus we were late.  So that plan fell threw so we decided to go get the ice cream we were all talking about doing after the movie.  

Scott and I saw this cute little retro malt shop a few weeks back when we were driving home and remembered it wasn't to far from where the theatre was so we googled directions and to our luck it was open and there was seating for 7!  Snuffy's malt shop is Amazing!  I love places like these and they are getting hard to find.   Since it was our first time there we were clueless on how the food was and the size of there food!  Oh man.... was spoken a few times as the waitress was bringing our food. I bet that is not the first time she has heard people say that in awe.  

Scott and I shared a turkey burger and got a order of fries and onion rings. The girls both ordered corn dogs and Sherri and Al got a bowl of chicken pot pie soup to share.  Plus we got ice cream of course!  Scott got a Chocolate sundae, I got a dreamsicle malt, Kate picked strawberry & Bananan sundae, Bella butterscotch sundae, and Sherri & Al split a brownie sundae.  I don't think our table had room for one more item.  All yummy and we left with a major sugar crash.  

So what better to do when you just ate 16 pounds of sugar= walk the mall 

Over all it was a great of fun with the family.

the after math

the after math


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