Happy Halloween

Unfortantly our house got hit with the cold again. Henry & I were feeling under the weather and so we decided to only go to a few houses and hang out at home to pass out treats to the kids.  Kinda bummed but you can't control that kind of stuff!

The girls were dressed at Monster High Dolls, which were made by there Aunt Anna again this year. They sure throw her some interesting costumes to make each year!  Kate was dressed as Clawdeen the wolf, and Bella was  Jinafire Long. Daddy thought about  lots of stuff to be for Halloween but waited to the last minute so he bought a red sweatshirt from the thrift store and painted a transformer logo on the back and wore a mask. I decided to be a robber since i  had almost everything already, and then i figured i would include Henry into my costume. So he was my sack of money in his baby carrier. I did buy him a dragon costume but it was a little snug so we did a quick change up the day before.  He ended up falling asleep by the 2nd house!

Anna and Tim came down to trick or treat with the kids…. I wish i took a picture of them, they were dressed up fun too!  Anna was mary poppins, and tim was a guy from duck dynasty {some day maybe i should check out the show everyone is talking about}.  They decided to change up the trick or treating routine, so they hopped in the truck and drove around outside the neighborhood. I was so shocked when they came home with a grocery bag each of candy.  No joke!  I snuck a big tupperware dish full and threw it in the freezer for later or to toss out sooner or later.

Oh Henry enjoyed playing with the corgi's while the rest of them were out. He loves when the dogs are just his size!


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