My lil pumpkin

Yep it's that season where I place one of my babies in a pumpkin..... I have to admit, i really enjoy placing them in a slimy gutted pumpkin!  It's fun to see there reaction.  I ended up going to Sam's club to get a pumpkin. I mean they have a repetition of everything big!  I scored this baby for 4.98, cant beat that!

So I scraped out the insides to make sure there was enough room for the lil guy to fit inside. I also cut a little circle in the back so he had room to cross his legs. Then we plopped him in and took him outside since the weather was so nice. We are working with a pro when it comes to smiling so it only took 5 minutes!  Awesome

A flash back to when the girls were put into a pumpkin.....

Here is a lil photo shoot we did this past weekend when it was nice out! Our little pilot!

 Here is a couple of our family shot from a few weeks ago at the nature center.


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