Mommy's lil footies

If you are freaked out about feet then don't read past this line!

Last chance!

So i finally went to the foot Dr.! I put off going to the doctor as long as possible for many reasons. I hate co pays, i don't like loading up all the kids to go to a germy place, and when you do go in they say there is nothing they can do-it irritates me. I know excuses, right? But i'm ok with that! Well for the last 5 ish months my left foot has been bothering me, but in the last month its been really bad. I have had to change how i walk on my foot and i have been MIA upstairs at the gym.  Well the pad of my foot next to my 3rd and 4th toe hurts like there is a lump inside and that causes my toes to go numb when i walk. It only bothers me when I'm up on my feet.

Well the Doctor walks in and i explain it, he grabs my foot and said "here", yep. Well dear you have Neuroma. He explains it a growth on your nerve tissue, {or a nerve tumor-but benign! Here is a link to what it is exactly.  He said i have to wear inserts in my shoes so that will relieve pressure from that spot. Yeah! I'm 30 and i have to wear foot inserts! He said it will take about 3-4 weeks with the inserts in to see if that fixes the issue. If that doesn't have to go back for a x ray and possible surgery to fix it. Lord i hope it doesn't come to that! Bed rest and me are not pretty! I also have a weird spot on foot next to my pinky where there is not fat, its a bone and all the pressure when i walk goes to that spot. I went in a week before having Henry to have him look at it, because it was really hurting. He recommend orthotics because that would solve both issues.  Want to guess the price of these custom foot inserts. ............. $350.00 eeeekkk. But if it makes me mobile and able to work out again, walk, and keep up with my family, it's worth it! I guess

So maybe in a few weeks i will be going in to have them graph my foot to get them started on that order.  So pray the pain doesn't get worse before i order them.


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