The story of Mr. Henry

Isn't it funny when you set a date to induce he decides that he will come then!  So at 1:00 am on Saturday March 23rd my water broke in bed.  Yeah my prayers were answered.... I really didn't want to be induced i just wanted my water to break like it did with my girls.  So glad i put down a mattress protector on my bed otherwise we would be mattress shopping right now!  So I called Scott's sister to come down from Mora to watch the two sleeping girls.  While I was waiting for her to arrive, i started primping my face, brushed my hair, started my bedding laundry, had Scott going around gathering the stuff off the last minute check list, and made him eat breakfast so i wouldn't have to hear i'm hungry while i'm laboring.  I started having some mild contractions about 45 min. after my water broke.

Anna arrived, and we left for the hospital about 2:30 am., i figure i should go right away because i didn't know how fast he would come and I needed to get my penicillin pumped in me before he arrives, because of my group b strep.  When we got to the birth center, we got escorted to my room, which I was a little bummed because i wanted the giant room on the end, but it was being set up for someone else who was having a water birth.  Booo.  Oh well, when the real labor starts i wont care what room i'm in!  I got hooked up to all the machines to see how my contractions were,  Henry's heart rate, and check me to see how far i'm dilated to.  I was still at a 3+ when they checked!   Then we walked the lap around the whole birth center to try to get the contractions really going.  Then we I tried laying down to rest because I went to bed around 10pm the night before so I had about 3 hours of sleep, and Scott had 1 hr.  Well i couldn't sleep, so i continued to walk the halls by myself while he rested.

 And at 6 am i had the nurse check me again because the contractions were really kicking it up a notch and I was only a 4.  Man i was a little disappointed!  So i continued to walk and walk and walk. My Doctor that i have seen my whole pregnancy was getting off work at 7am and I knew she wouldn't be delivering him, which I was bummed about but I knew the other ob Dr.s were great too!  

At 7am it was nurse change time, and I was so blessed to have this amazing nurse help me thru the rest of my labor.  I really don't think i could have gone natural without her!  She was so encouraging, supportive, and helped show Scott techniques to keep me calm and relaxed.  She suggested I go take a bath and relax to get things moving along faster.  I hopped in the tub and was in there for about 30-40 min. It made the contractions easy to deal with, I even asked if i can change my mind and do a water birth.  But it was to late for that! But then i started to felt a little sick because my contractions were right on top of each other and the bath water was a little to hot.  I ended up throwing up!  But when I got out of the tub i was at 7-8.  Then the nurse showed Scott how to massage my back with lavender oil.  She showed him all the pressure points and that helped with my back labor I was having.  The Dr. came and left because she figured I had some time at this point. But she was so wrong, It went very quickly from there.  I started pushing before she even arrived, they really didn't want me to push yet but i wasn't totally dilated, and that would cause a lot of swelling. But Lord did i disagree!  I have never had a all natural birth before, with epidural you never had any of these feelings and pressures.  They always talk about transition phase, ring of fire and i know exactly what they were talking about.  All the nurses were yelling to get the Dr. quick, so she came running. She got suited up and I pushed this boy out with in 6 min.  That's a record for me!  Scott decided to cut the cord even thought he said he wasn't going to this time!

I was still wearing the belly band so they placed him inside that while they were working on me down there, to keep him warm and to have skin to skin time.

I had to get a episiotomy, but I requested that over a tear!  He was bruised up a little on his face because i pushed him out so fast, and he had tons of marks on his face, but he was perfect!  He only did a half cry, and then was very content!  He laid on my chest for about 15 min. and then they took him to get his measurements. 8 lbs 15 oz, 20 inches long, 14 in head and born at 9:46 am.

 They all were saying he was such a big boy, but in my mind i was thinking i was having a 10 lb baby.  Since he was measuring 2 weeks ahead for so long and they he waited to come a few days before his due date.  But I have to say I was so proud of myself for being able to stay with my plan of having a drug free delivery.  I'm not going to lie, i had moments were the thought of a epidural crossed my mind but with Scott's help, and praying thru some of the contractions I was able to get thru it all!

I didn't want the girls coming in right away i figure they would get a little freaked out, so i had them wait till i got transferred to the other side.  So Scott took the girls out for lunch and gave me one on one time to bond with Henry.  At that point he didn't even hold him yet, he wanted me to have one on one time with him. We spend about a hour cuddling  and feeding, then it was time to go to the recovery room. I have to say that was so nice to have a quiet peaceful time to just spend bonding with the baby you carried for 9 months.  The girls meet me in the hallway and they pushed the button that plays a nursery song thru out the whole hospital announcing a new baby was born.

When we got to the room Bella was so excited to meet this little boy she spend so much time talking to in my belly.  And Kate didn't want anything to do with him.  The nurses gave the girls Big Sister bags, so she just wanted to color instead.  I think it was too much for her to take in!

 Anna, Grandpa & Grandma Haggenmiller were there to get there cuddle time with Henry too! The girls picked out gifts for me and for Henry.  Bella picked out red roses because they mean love, and Kate picked out a big fluffy bunny for Henry!  Then they took the girls back home so we can rest, and bond with him.  All the nurses were so impressed with how alert and happy he was.  He didn't fuss and had his eyes open till about 3pm.  The nurse came in and gave him a sponge bath, and put his first cloth diaper on!  We ended up putting Henry in the nursery thru the night so we can get some sleep, since i still only had 3 hours of sleep so far.  I was surprised how well the nurses took to cloth diapers, i figured they wouldn't touch them.  But instead they were impressed with them and asked me so many questions.

We decided to go home Sunday afternoon, because you cant really get a good night sleep in a hospital bed!

Plus we wanted to see the girls! And when we arrived home Bella and Kate had a big party planned for Henry's arrival!  They had cupcakes, and streamers hung, party hats lined up, and a welcome home Henry banner.  They were excited for us to see what they had done! Henry came home from the hospital being high risk for jaundice   So we have been in the clinic getting him tested every other day.  And they had to do a light treatment to help him clear it up faster.  So all the trips to the clinic has been nothing but a pain, when your tired.

Overall this experience i had with Henry has been good, i'm glad i stuck to my plan, ive healed way faster then i did with my previous labors, and he has been such a blessing to our family. But life has been a little crazy this past week, the girls are testing us on stuff that usually is not a issue, we are trying to adjust to little sleep, and figure out a routine that works for us. But we are enjoying every minute of this crazy!

his first real bath 7 days old

cuddling his blanky

Kate reading him a story to make him happy

We broke down and gave him a nuk 5 days old

He loves to be swaddled

The first day of taking all 3 kids out by myself!

\10 days old he learned to stick his thumb in his mouth

Serious thinker

Great Grandpa & Grandma Shaw

Desert Grandpa and Grandma

Grandpa Haggenmiller

Aunt Anna
Uncle Ryan

Aunt Erinn


  1. What a handsome little man! :) We sure do love him!

  2. So adorable! Nic and I will be home April 20-23, so we will have to stop over (with food of course!) to meet the little guy.

  3. what is lovely story of our wonderful little Henry. He is so precious!! love you all.


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