Oh to be a fly in my van!

Ohh the day i had yesterday!  Let me paint you a picture of it......Well i knew waking up it was going to be a busy day, but i guess i was naive!  It was dentist day for the whole family minus Scott.  So the day began like normal, get the kids up and dressed and fed, then drive Kate to school, then walk Bella to the bus stop, go home feed Henry and get ready for my day.  But here is where it got crazy..... I had to be at the dentist at 10 am and then i was hoping to go home and make some lunches for the girls because there appt is at noon.  But they were running late and so i had to leave there and go straight to pick up Kate from school, then run over to Bella's school and feed and change Henry in the parking lot {i think i can write a whole blog spot on all the crazy places i have nursed Henry :) }.  Get Bella, and drive like crazy to get there almost on time for there noon appt.  Then after going back and forth between both girls getting there teeth cleaned we were ready to leave there.  But Kate had two small cavities, we almost made it out there with a clean bill of health!  

Then we hit a McDonalds for lunch..... Mom's least favorite spot but it was the only place between the dentist and the school that was fast.  Bella was so excited to go back to school and tell her friends she got to have McDonalds for lunch while they had school lunch.  I reminded her that it was nothing to rave about!  LOL
Then it was time to drop Bella off at school again, which lead to a huge melt down with Kate because she wanted to go play with bella on the playground.... I love melt downs, especially while trying to take care for Henry too.....She has been on melt down overload since Mr. Henry arrived, I'm hoping that changes soon!  Then we finally made it back to the van and headed home to do a couple of loads of laundry, dishes, and maybe balance the check book!

Scott's working over time again this week, so we don't get to see him as much, and he is usually exhausted when we do.  But Monday is kids fitness night and spin class for Scott at the YMCA.  Well some how i forgot to get supper planned out and we ran out of time to make supper before class. And the time we get home it's 7:30 and that's way to late to eat with kids.   So we hit a drive thru on the way to the gym.   Seriously that doesn't happen at our house EVER. I don't like to eat out like that! It's crappy food, and so expensive. Then we make it to the gym and the place is packed, we ended up parking in the back 40 and by this time it's raining and snowing and let's just say my hair was straight when i left the house and so fuzzy curly when we arrived in the building.  Uggg ...... So i'm watching the girls do there fitness class waiting for scott to arrive because he wasn't home from work when i left the house, and he calls and says he skipping because he's tired and i had a long day.... Really..... He must not realize how much work went into getting all of us ready and out the door and there on time.  So after class i told the girls were going home because i cant really work out yet, {Henry isnt old enough to go to kids stuff yet} which lead to another melt down from Kate because she wanted to play at kids stuff.  Let's just say i had kate on one hip and pushing Henry in the stroller thru the massive parking lot.

By the time we pulled into the garage at home i took a look at my van and sighed.  I have a dirty diaper sitting on my passenger seat along side a used nursing pad. Gross! And every cup holder is filled with garbage from the drive thrus, couple winter coats {because you never know what kind of weather we are going to have her in MN}, and back packs.  I seriously felt like i lived in this vehicle today!

I'm so glad not every day is like this....I guess it's a good way to appreciate the other days after going thru a day like this!

Oh and the last night wasn't better... Henry decided to nurse every hour for 4 hours.  Tired mama today!

Bella dressed for 2 seasons, i think that sums how how the weather is around here these days!

Oh Henry's one month update post will be soon....maybe after i get a nap! ;)


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