Bowling and Sunflowers

Sunflowers remind me of summer. There such a beautiful giant flower that grows tall and is like a bright golden sun. When we lived up north in the country we had a giant field in front of our house and i said if we stayed there i would turn that empty field into a sunflower field. Well we didnt stay there and i never experienced a sunflower field.  We were driving up north to pick up the kids that spend the night grandma and grandpa and i couldnt resist stopping to take tons of photos.

They also had pumpkins next to the sunflower field. The kids loved looking at the giant pumpkins growing.

We signed up for kids bowl free for the summer event. You sign up with a particular bowling alley and they get to bowl 2 free games but you pay for shoe rental. So it's about 10.00 each time you go. We went with our friends and her kids. So there were 7 kids under 10. We were nuts but sometimes you just have to get out and do stuff. 2 games was way to long to keep there attention. The video game section and candy machines were drawing them in. We bowled regular the first round and second round each kid got to pick some wacky way of bowling. It got a bit wild!!!! Us mama's had to take a little headache relief meds after that outing... and im sure the staff cheered when we left!

I still have a few more activities on my summer bucket list and a few more dates with the kids before the school season begins again. We are going camping to the north shore soon and it's fun getting all the gear we need and all the memories we will make. Summer is short but yet long on some days.


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