Popcorn Mind....

I think i really love fall about 80%.... The rest of the 20% is me missing summer and really dreading winter... Seasons of change is not my strong point. I love the change eventually but right away not so much i am very resistant and will probably have a inter fit along the way. But being a adult i have come to realize you can't stop and it's better to embrace it, and I usually grow from it.

Fall is so busy preparing for the up coming months and finishing up all the stuff you didn't finish in the summer. We are a couple weeks into school and my kids are really enjoying school so far. Bella is absorbing all the new rules and is applying them at home. Disciplining herself and being responsible which i love. Kate is being willing to do her homework with out being nagging, which i hope continues. Henry and i just had our first day of ECFE class through the school district. I really enjoyed my class last year and made some amazing new friends through it. Some of them returned but we have a full class and 3/4 of them are new mom. Which means i have to learn about them and there parenting style and I'm sure i will make new friends again but like i said before change is not my friend.

Our Church had decided to experiment with our campus and just do Sunday church. If you know us we love Saturday night church. We go to the 4 and i serve at the 6 twice a month. So now they are having church services on Sunday all day 9, 11, 2, 4, and 6. So we go to church on sunday at 4. We are two weeks in and we are not adjusting to it yet, we want to like it but sunday evenings are busy time for families as they prepare to go back to work and school the next day. By the end of the weekend we are getting cranky and not in the right head set to be open to listen to the message. So pray that we can adjust to it. I'm also getting a new team lead this Sunday to help lead the kid ministry volunteers. She is so sweet and I'm excited to get to know her and see how we can grow together in this ministry.

My bible study is back together after taking the summer off. Unfortunately we lost 3 girls due to making decisions that was best for the families. We miss having them but totally can understand that family comes first. So we are looking for new ladies to join us. Which means i will have to learn a new friendship with the girls who will join us. My bible study ladies are my support team and i love them all so much, if you don't have that i totally suggest joining one.  This time we are doing the book by Lysa Terkeurst The Best Yes. It's about making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands. Who does not need guidance on that? The book is based on Proverbs.  I totally recommend this book to read!!!

This past weekend we decided to go for a drive along the North Shore and we would stop when we were tired of driving or when the kids were driving us nuts.  Well the destination ended up being Two Harbors.  I can honestly say i have ever really stopped there and explored that town. Maybe the DQ for a quick ice cream along the way. We went to the light house and ate a picnic lunch i packed and walked around the rocks by Lake Superior. It was a windy chilly day if you were sitting but as long as you were walking and climbing you were warm enough with a sweater on. I brought along my camera and I'm not talking about the iPhone. Yes that takes nice pictures but why have a nice camera if your not going to use it. I set up the camera and did some pic of the whole family and a couple people offered to take our pictures after seeing me running back and forth.  We had fun until someone got hurt. Having 3 kids it's bound to happen at least once on a trip. This time it was Kate she was coming back and hopped over a rock and landed in a hole of water. She cut up her knees and was drenched. I am so glad she didn't hurt her head!  So that put a stop to more exploring we didn't pack any extra clothes since it was a day trip. Bella was upset because we were going to go the light house.  We loaded back up and headed South slowly. We took the scenic route in Duluth and stopped at the points to get out and look at the overview while Kate and Henry slept.  I have to say it was a fun trip but no day is 100% fun you have to look past the melt downs, injures, the bickering, and hungry fits. If you focused on the negative the day would have been awful.
I don't know what was going off but all those people had cameras and filmed the train coming and leaving 3-4 times

picnic in two harbors

Henry was cold so he asked for super hero cape on

This is what it looks like trying to get 3 kids to smile at the same time

scott took this of me... I think it was the wind and my long hair driving me crazy. 

i told him to pose this is what i got





My mind is a bunch of popcorn popping this week and i thought i would let you into my thoughts.  I hope i don't sound negative, because i try not to be a negative person.


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