Our Little Cabin Weekend

This past Labor Day weekend our good friends invited us to come along with them to Baker Campground in Maple Plain. At first i was like we have nothing for camping anymore, I don't know. Then she said no she is not a tent kind of girl she only does cabins. Then I got excited!  Sounds perfect and the price was the icing on the top. $60 bucks a night. It has electricity and sleeps 5 per cabin. Score

So after the moms got there meal planning down and who is bringing what we had to figure out how we were going to get 10 bikes to the campground between the two families. Since deciding to get rid our our suburban and get a fusion we have two small cars that both didn't have hitches or anyway to haul a bike. Whomp whomp whom...... Our lovely neighbors suggested we take there astro van it will fit us all plus have room to haul our bikes. Perfect!  Then Heather found a bike rack for there van on clearance at target so we were set.

We left Friday after Scott got home from work and were were going to stay till mid day Sunday. The weather was not the best but i was glad we had electricity for fans that we brought. I think the heat was around 88 degrees and super super muggy.

The first night we made spaghetti and corn and between all our planning we both forgot to bring pot for the spaghetti noodles. I remembered the fry pans but that one slipped my mind. We used my cast iron skillet on the fire and then got a pot from a neighbor. By the time we finished dinner it was already almost 8 and then we tucked the kids in for bed and scott fell asleep while he was laying with the kids. So i joined heather and mike at the fire and we enjoyed drinks and taking slo mo videos of the fire. It's fun just sitting around a fire talking and laughing with friends. By the time i went to bed around 11, henry woke up in a panic and was not fully awake but screaming woke the whole cabin up. He just wanted to sit on the front porch of the cabin with dad and look at the stars and then Kate joined and then Bella and finally by 4 they were all back to sleep and the thunder began to make noise. So of course I'm mentally going through my head what is outside that we don't want wet. I brought in our bikes and chairs to the screen porch because i knew we were going for a rid tomorrow and i was not about to sit on a wet seat. Yep i'm a diva!  Then i crawled back into bed and slept till 7. That was a rough night.

It cooled off a little with the rain and it stopped by the time breakfast was over. So the moms made pancakes on the griddle in my cabin while the kids got dressed and played in the woods behind. It makes camping a little challenging when we have to cook the same meal but one of them gf. So i made the gluten free pancakes and she made regular ones and whoever wanted can have either or.   After breakfast we got ready to go on the bike trails. Lets say getting 10 people ready takes time. And Katelyn who is 7, yes we both have a kate and they are both middle children! Meant to be friends!  She learned how to ride a bike while we were getting ready to go. Score!  We made it about 3 miles down the trail and 30 min. later she was done with riding her bike and was not going to go any further. Scott locked her bike to the bench and she hoped in his basket of his bike. We ended up going a total of 9 miles and by the end it was so hot and muggy we were dreaming about hoping in the lake to cool off. We had plans of making Walking tacos for lunch but we picked hotdogs just for sear quickness. After lunch we walked down to the lake and all but Scott hopped in. It was freezing but after a bit it felt amazing.  Scott does not like water and he will never like it. Cant change that about him. But he did have his eye on the canoe. He loves canoeing and so we paid for 30 min. of boat time and got 2 canoes and one paddle boat for all of us. That was fun the dads took the girls out and Heather and I took henry.  We took showers and made the kids lay down for a little quiet time since it was a long night and busy day of fun. Dinner was grilled chicken and watermelon. Yum but the bees were out of control. You keep hearing about bees are dying... Lets just say not at that campground I'm still shocked no one got stung that whole weekend. They were bad, i mean really bad. So when i cut the watermelon up i like eat it now or we might be attacked by the killer bees.  The kids went to bed and the grown ups got to enjoy kids free adult conversations. yay!

I was happy to report that no one woke up in the night and we were fairly rested. It rained again this night and thundered. The thunder woke the kids up around 6 and just did a little drizzle as we were packing up the van to go home. The kids played between the two cabins and in the woods and rode there bikes around the circle of the campground. They even wrote in the journal that each cabin has on what they did and the things they enjoyed.  I love how we have friends that we can go do stuff together and at the end of the day we still love each other. It's rare and i treasure it.

We are so going again next year!

We also celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary there, it just happened to fall on that day and we didn't have anything planned so why not celebrate it at a cabin with friends and family.

How was I going to get all of this in one car???

Well it happened

Time to roll out

Isn't it cute?

They made themselves at home quickly

each cabin has a code and you can lock it as you come and go

the woods behind the cabin

the beach less then 3 min. away

I might have stepped on her sunglasses so she was blinded on the ride.

So many apples and they were actually pretty yummy 

I really wanted the one on the top so i got a lift

I promised my kate i would bring flowers back to the cabin

Henry and Katelyn

The gang. Hannah bella katelyn kate henry and jake

girls who pedal boats

guys who paddle young girls around a lake!

this is how mama holds on to a 2 year old in a paddle boat

They came in strong

he loves water

Quiet time means a little drive

Last day and heading home (sorry no make up day, was not in the mood)

The face

inside the cabin

outside the cabin

Stopped for my first pumpkin latte of the season

This is how we ended our night... The kids are tucked in bed and we ordered a 5.00 pizza and coke zero.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. The kids will remember these things and be glad you did them.
    I love hearing your adventutres.


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