Mercy over Comfort

I am knee deep in a new study and i love it so much. I am currently reading Lysa Terkeurst book Unglued and i love how it is challenging me and making me pause and think before i talk which is a struggle for me. Those who know me are chuckling because it is true!  I purchased the daily devotional, the book and the study guide for my women's bible study.

In her devotional her thought of the day was

One drop of the Lords mercy is better than a ocean of the world's comfort.

Ahh so much truth is that... I had to re read this a few times just to let that soak in. We all have struggles and situations happening in our life that are discouraging us and we turn to worldly comforts to escape them, and they are all temporary. But if we turn towards the Lord we can see the wonders of his love all around us. In the beautiful sunrises he paints, the one of a kind and individual snowflakes he creates, the flowers that bloom in the spring, and the words in the bible, they are all made just for us. These are all his mercies!  Stop and soak up all that he is pouring out to us when we are looking, stop and ask him instead. 

I just thought i would share what i took away from her thought of the day and i hope you have a great day!


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