Hello Projects!!!!

Well life has been busy and my blog has been the last thing on my to do list.  Well you can tell when summer is here when my paint brush gets pulled back out and my house starts to looking a bit different.  Winter kills all ambition, and spring and summer become my season to make over my space.

Here is a little glimpse into what i have been up to!!

First is a pinterest craft that i have wanted to do for some time and finally checked it off my list.  You take in pictures to office store and ask for engineer prints and they come in black and whites. It was about $4.00 for the big prints. Then i adhered them to 1 inch think styrofoam, which i got at home depot for like $5.00's. Then i used black acrylic paint to paint the sides of the styrofoam. I made one of each the kids and then a family one for the living room. It's not the best quality but its a fun way to get a big art piece for a girl on a budget. 4 pictures for under $20 bucks.

henrys' before i finished cutting it to size

Next project was bringing in my old kitchen from the garage and repainting it so the kids could enjoy it again. We have had this in and out of the house, they go through seasons of playing with it and not so much.  I figured Henry might enjoy it since he loves being in the kitchen with me.  I have painted this before because each of the girls have taken there turn of graffiti and this time i was not going to repaint it white. I am going to go bold and color!!!!  I think it turned out awesome.... I picked up some play stuff at a kids consignment sale and then thanks to pinterest again i made some felt food for them to play with.
The color choices


new paint minus the hardware and burners painted on

felt hamburger

felt eggs

felt smores

I also repainted a planter chair for the garden, painting all the living room picture frames white, and painted the floor of my 3 season porch but no pictures yet.

Today is a day of lounging around after doing all that stuff this past week. Plus it's raining like every few hours.


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