DIY Canvas Art

Last night marks a first for the Mr. and I........ Henry was away from us overnight for the first time.  Eekkk every night for 14 months he has been asleep in our house..... Our friend took all my kids for a sleepover at her house.  He did just fine and slept through the night for her!  Yay.

Well so when the kids are away the parents do projects.  I went to bed early and slept till i wanted to get up, did a few things on my to do list that never seem to get checked off, and tackled some fun pinterest crafts.

I went to Michaels to pick up another picture frame and came home with everything other then a frame. I found canvas 5 pack for 19.99, then used my 40% coupon and a whooping 2.40 a canvas later i was smiling from ear to ear.  Picked out a few new paints because my box was looking bit bare these days, and headed home. Guess who was in the mood to do a little painting?

I wanted to paint a fun sign with some lyrics from my favorite song. Ocean by hillsong united - click on it the link and listen if you have never heard it before. My daily prayer-for sure!  I found this on pinterest , the font style is what i really liked and then added my paint choice behind.  I went with a ocean-eeee feel!

I started out painting the teal on the bottom and then added the next lighter color and so on.  I used some water to mix the next color into each other. I love the ombre look! It turned out way better then i thought....

After that dried i sketched on the words with a pencil and used a fun sharpie maker with a  brush tip and colored it in.

New living room art!


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