Henry 9 month update

I am so in love with this little man!  He is such a wonderful son who surprises me daily. He is learning so much right now and he is always surprising me with something new that he learned.  He has grown so fast, and i just want to keep him this age forever. Scott enjoys when the kids are old enough to play and join in on his hobbies, but i like cuddling and playing with them at this age the most.  

He weighs 23 lbs and 3 oz and is 28.25 inches tall according to the doctors office

He crawls super fast, climbs on everything, pulls himself up on what every he wants, walks with whatever slides along the floor, stands on his own for a good 30 seconds plus, rambles a million sounds a day, really loves his mom! ( he is such a mama's boy), and he has now taken 2-3 steps two different times now. The first time was when Bella was holding a very fancy christmas gift with bows and ribbons on it and he really wanted it. The second time was when he was wanting the christmas stocking i was holding. So proud of this little man ! 

He enjoyed his first Thanksgiving.  We spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa Haggenmillers, and he enjoyed sweet potatoes, and green beans. And got to hang out with some of his Aunt and Uncles.

He also got to experience his first snow fall.  He was totally memorized by it falling outside!  It truly is something seeing new experiences through a infants eyes.

He has learned how to climb the stairs, sorry no pictures due to me standing right behind him so he didn't fall.

He loves playing blocks and trucks.. I build a castle out of blocks while Henry knocks it down as soon as i build it. He also pushes his CAT trucks (thanks Ryan for them) back and forth.  

He also loves to show mom a peek into a what he will be like when he is a toddler.  Dare Devil!

He is always hoping in things and climbing on moving objects.

He has 4 teeth now!  The top two are about half way down now. He is not a good sleeper when he is teething, so i am so relieved that they broke though and my good sleeper is back. 

He naps almost one hour after waking up in the morning for about a hour to hour and half, and goes back down around noon for 45 minutes to hour nap again, and some days he goes down for a 30 min. in the late afternoon but that is hit or miss. He also wakes up once a night still, but that is tolerable.

He has had his second haircut, which went a heck of lot harder this time around. I just brought up his neck line and a little bit on his band and clipped the back of his head a bit.  More then likely he will be going to a kid hair place next time!

He loves putting anything and everything in his mouth.  I find the most particular things in his diapers some days that are not food!  TMI i know but it happens! He has not found any food that he doesn't like. He will also whine if he sees you eating something and not getting it too!  He makes the funniest faces when you feed him something cold like ice cream for the first bite..  It's very cute! He doesn't like puree foods anymore he likes to feed himself. He is still a vegetarian.

He also loves being in my ergo baby carrier… He rides in it to the school bus stop, while I'm vacuuming, while setting up the church, when he is fussy butt, shopping, and my list goes on.  When else fails place the Henry in the carrier!
Sorry i am totally making a funny face! :)

Some fun pictures through out the month….

time with daddy

my motorcycle

enjoying the christmas lights

dont fence the baby in

big sister kate time

big sister bella

they received there ornaments from G G shaw

baby attacking the monkey

stud muffin

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