Wow it has been some time since i was able to sit down and type on my blog! Yeah for the chance today to be able to type this!  Mr. Henry is napping, well because he decided to keep me up all night being Mr. fussy butt!  He has become a pretty good sleeper the last week or so... He goes to bed and sleeps till about 1-1:30 which is about 3.5-4 hours of sleep and then he goes every 2 hours after that.  But last night was not the case, probably because he knew i had a busy day today and he wanted to torture me!

Today Kate had her Graduation Celebration party from Preschool. I cant believe im going to have to girls in the elementary school now.  I hope they can handle to Haggenmiller's in one building! She was so excited I came to watch her sing her songs and show me to all her friends.  
So Proud

kate and her teachers monique and jill

And tomorrow we are celebrating Bella's 7th Birthday with her friends.  We are going to be taking on a big challenge and taking them all to the roller skating rink.  Yes 9 girls and 1 boy {and no it's not her boyfriend! ;p} so that should be fun!  Well i guess challenging for me.... Scott's working over time this week again and so i have to do all the prep and yatta yatta yatta before hand because he will be getting home when the party is starting. I sure hope Henry is in a good mood!

Henry is now old enough to be going to the child care at the gym so i'm slowly easing back into cardio again!  It does feel really weird dropping him off, i find by the hour mark im excited to go get him to make sure he's ok.  We really havent spent more then a hour to a hour in half apart from each other!

We just received our disc of pictures from the wonderful Cami Thomassen Photography... Here a few of my favorites!


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