2 Month Update

I cant believe my little man is already 2 months!  Cr-aaaaazy.... So today he went in for his vaccines and check up.  He weighs 15lbs 3oz, and is 23.25 in length. Yeah i know what your thinking, well because everyone says it. Yep he's a BIG boy..... of LOVE!  She said he looks good and is hitting all of his milestones.  I was lucky enough to be out of the room when he got his shot done, i had scheduled my postpartum appt right after his. And his appt was running behind schedule so i missed all the screaming action.  Mama's hate seeing there kids cry when there hurting.  And now he is sleeping away, hopefully he keeps that up for the rest of the night.

I thought for sure today that Henry was going to roll over. We were doing tummy time and then all of a sudden he leans really far over, so i dash for my phone so i can record this big moment.  But then his cry feast started because tummy time isnt that much fun for kids, and he gave up on rolling over.  This little guy is so strong.  He holds his head up with such control now, and when he is on his belly he is moving forward with my hands behind his feet.  I'm excited for when he is able to sit up right and play with me.

I have also been enjoying his fun hair.... Can you say Mohawk? ;)

He also is doing really good on his sleep patterns during the night.  He has been going for about 4-5 hours the first part of the night and then wakes up around 5:30 and back to bed when we get up at 7.  I like that!  I feel so more alive when i get 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

He coo's and ahh's to everyone. And when i talk to him his smiles so big and makes such sweet sounds to me. It's amazing how one little smile changes anything that was driving you crazy before.  Being a parent is so rewarding.

A long time neighbor friend made Henry a blanket with his name on it! She also made the girls a blanket when they were babies too, and they still to this day sleep with them!

cool dude

So serious
My little old man!

Ready to go for our walk

Happy Henry

My cousin Laura made this cute onesie for him!

This little guy is growing fast and strong and I cant wait to see him achieving his milestones this coming month


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