Tiaras and the little princess

well the day of the party has arrived for miss bella. I picked up the balloons saturday morning and on the way home Pop goes on the way home(thought to my self $1.oo gone) and place them by the front door, and of course the girls wanted to play with them. went out for lunch after that to kill some time before the party came back 2 more popped( $2.00 gone). Everyone arrived and bella passed out her tiarras for them all. Well jackson really wasnt amused with the choice so he passed. MMM we need boys in the family, something for someone else to take care of. The kids played and everyone else visited shortly after the balloons were discovered every couple minutes you heard POP and POP. ( cha ching). Bella opened her presents and we ate princess mermaid cake. The girls all had a balloon and were running off playing and giggling till Brooklyn let go of hers for a second and it was in the tree. She watched it up there and then showed the family where it was and it realy hit her hard and cried till someone let her have there balloon. Ohh to be little and that is your biggest worry. and of course ($1.00 more dollar). All and all it was a great party. After most of the family left we decided to grill and walked to the store. Well i couldn't pass up the chance to start a painting party while we have them over. Anna and Tim jumped right in and started to paint. They rock!!!! We painted till dark and fired up the bonfire and roasted smores since we didn't get enough sugar with the birthday cake. Got to love family adventures, they just keeping getting better. Happy 4th Birthday Bella we love you so much enjoy your one balloon.


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