Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a busy day for me. I loaded up the girls and headed up to Mora to visit all the mom's, Scott stayed back for a little R&R to try to get back to good health. First we visited Sherri and AL, and surprised her at church she had no clue we were coming to see her. She was pleasantly surprised. And later that afternoon we stopped by my mom's to visit her. There in the process of moving so of course we left with a car load of stuff. My dad earlier that week dropped a load of childhood toys off at the house. Let me tell you my chick a pies are loving all of my toys that i used to play with. And if you are wondering yes i was a rainbow brite and cabbage patch fan. After a long day of traveling up north and listening to Kate scream one hour north and one hour south i was finally home. My cutie pie got me a singing card and flowers. He also had a fire in our new fire pit so we could enjoy smores. MMMMM I'm so blessed to be a mom of my two girls, they bring me so much joy each and every day.


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