Via De Cristo

I just got back from a 3 day weekend called via de cristo which means way of christ. Its a place where they help strengthen and renew your faith. Its amazing, i guess its hard to explain just what all happens. Its an experience that I'm truly grateful to have gone thru. I have meet some amazing women and learned about all there struggles and the strengths they have. My mother and father in law went awhile ago and they came back really wanting to sponsor Scott and i. I really hesitated because i was scared i didn't know enough about the bible and wouldn't fit in, or be the youngest person there. But i went anyway. First day i just sat back quietly hoping i didn't have to do anything, (i know its hard to believe), but next day i was warming up we meet the people at our table and were able to get to know each other thru many different events. by the third day i was loud and back to myself really enjoying everyone stories and finding out how to be someone that can spread the many gift from god. It did make it easier know that my mother in law Sherri was there supporting all of us. I was so excited to come home and talk to Scott about what all we did and figure out what we plan to do with the knowledge we gained there. Scott went the weekend before mine and came home and told me nothing. which now i am so glad he didn't because you need to experience all the weekend for yourself. God love you and so do I.


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