Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween has come and gone and life has been wild but I'm here now!!!!  This halloween was the coldest halloween in the past 11 years and I believe it. We froze our butts off walking around. The amount of kids walking around the neighborhood was was very low. It turns out most families went to the mall to trick or treat indoor this year. Smart people!!!

Never less we had fun picking out our costumes and having a good dress up time with the kids.  The kids have always liked up dressing up with them so why not,they wont be doing this forever so might as well join in on the fun. This year bella asked if she could go with her friends by herself and I said no. I want this last year of all of us doing this together. Its a real family event because Scott's sister always makes the costumes and comes down to trick or treat  with us. We even got lucky this year and had both his parents with along with Anna and Tim. I love this tradition.  I cant believe my little girl is at the age of doing things with out her parents... Total shock and I'm struggling with getting used to it.  I wished I grabbed a photo of the whole gang together!  Oh and of course we did our annual trip to chipotle to get our 3.00 boorito before we went trick or treating.

Gnome, Ironman, Angle -Kitty, Red Power Ranger, Batgirl with a tutu

flash back of past Halloweens

I was tempted to go with this costume but I thought.... No thanks!

So many good memories throughout the years.


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