School Is In Session

Oh my word this house has been so busy leading up to school starting and then all of us trying to figure out our new routine now that we are back in school. You always end up having to go back into the stores to buy more stuff after each teacher request something that was not on the main school supply list, or things they saw others using and really wanted and so on. It's like us parents are loaded with money to dish out all of these things with multiple kids!  We had such a great summer going out to Washington state, camping, playing at parks, tons of play dates, bike rides to the ice cream shop, gardening, getting chickens, jumping on trampoline for hours. But it was time for them to go to school again.

So the nigh before school started we did a impromptu neighborhood ice cream party. Super last minute but we thought we celebrate the end of summer and beginning of school at our house. Couple families were able to come out and enjoy this time.

It's so crazy I have a middle school student and intermediate student.... At least there in the same building now so that makes it a tad easier for conferences and activities. Kate ended up in the same looping program that Bella had and even has the same teacher she had last year. I was so excited for that to happen for her. I love that class and the teachers in there, plus Kate was already familiar with them and the set up. Total win for her!

future youtuber

future animal trainer

just before this pic was taken 4 people including Bella got stung by bees that had a in ground hive. Bella handled it like a champ and didn't even cry she just said it was painful. So ran and grabbed lavender oil to help soothe it.

waiting for the bus

Henry started Preschool this year.. Oh my the time is flying by and I he is in big boy school. I was nervous about him going because he tends to want me with him and doesn't like to separated. We went in to his class the week before he started to get to know his teacher and his classroom and make sure he is comfortable on this new adventure. It went great till we had to leave, he refused to go and had a massive fit leaving the class.

But this little man walked in the class and then looked back and ran and gave me a massive hug and then went back in and started looking for his name tag on the table. So proud!! I choked up a little on the way out but was more excited for him.  I totally sucked at having a good fun "me time" while he was away   at school for 2.5 hrs. I went and got coffee at barnes and noble and read a few magazines and browsed the books but then went home to find a movie to watch on Netflix and spent so much time looking it was fail. I will get better at figure out what I enjoy doing with out kids.

future power ranger

 and when I picked him up from his class he had this awesome hat on.

We are feeling good about this new school routine and this year is going to be amazing!  Pray for these kids as they go through this school year that overcome challenges with positive attitudes, handle situations that come up with friends, that they are able really focus on there  school work, and don't give into school pressures. 


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