Henry's 11 month update

This year is going by to fast, i am trying to cherish every moment i can with henry. The first year of a babies life is amazing and you can't get that time back. They grow and develop so much in such a short time and when you blink it's past by.

This little man is all man.... he loves to do things he knows he shouldn't but then gives me that cute lil smile to get himself out of trouble. He truly loves to shove his body under,in, and through anything~chairs, furniture, desk, highchairs, doll houses, shelves and you name it and for the most part. He gets stuck but can manage to figure out how to get his big head out of it! If there any speck of dirt or fuzz or anything left on the floor he will scoop it up shove it in his mouth and suck on it for awhile then take it back out and shove it back in his mouth! Gross!!!!!

We have a fun time playing with a shoe box during the day.  I cut a hole on the top and put some of his toys in there, he reaches in and grabs the toys and then puts it back in and out.  Simple toys are his favorites.  Like cruising around the house in a box pushed by his sisters cracks him up! He loves his owl puppet, and stuffed animal dogs.  Henry's favorite drawer in the kitchen is my baking drawer, and the last few days he has discovered the girls drawer of there plates and bowls. What drawer is next?

He has started giving some pretty intense kisses lately and you usually have to wipe your super wet face afterwards. He will even kiss himself in the mirror! Henry also loves to talk up a storm, he has lots to say and he wants to make sure he is getting heard. And did i mention he loves his mom so much and when i leave the room he makes sure everyone knows he is upset!  Lets just say not much gets done lately!  He says mamamamama and dada, and i swear he said banana a couple times but who knows.

Henry also has some of the cutest dance moves when the music is playing. There is a little butt wiggle and squats involved! He joins the rest of us in our spontious dance parties!

He is a pro at walking and now has really amped himself up to fast pace walk to get where he wants too. Which leads to a few face plants and scratched up faces! If we leave the baby gate open he bolts to escape before we can close it. But i guess i would too, all the fun stuff is in that section and i want to explore it.

He is now trying to climb up on stuff. He will see something from a distance and then go up to it and reach up and try to grasp the items off of it. So our decor has shifted around again to make sure he doesn't pull it down. He also is trying to climb up on the couch.... He's a animal!?!

His 7th tooth is in and he is back to a good sleep at night again. Some nights he sleeps through the night and wakes up around 5:30 and if i am lucky 6:30.  Which is awesome, but i know he still has more teeth to go and we will probably be back to sleepless nights again. You will find our whole family in bed around 8:30 most night lately because mom and dad are trying to soak up as much sleep as possible! Henry also still hums himself to sleep when we are out in and about or if he is in the ergo baby carrier. I think its cute.

He rode on his first airplane this month to go see Grandpa and Grandma Shaw. He did awesome he slept on the way out for the first 2 hours and then he was up playing on my lap for the remaining hour, and on the way back he went back and forth between Scott and I till he fell asleep the last hour of the flight.  So proud!!!  And on the trip we were able to use our stroller again and go for lots of walks which are always fun.

He is so over due for his haircut.. We are going to be going soon to cut that before his big party!  Excited to see him with a nice cleaned up look.

I have started some of the birthday party decorations and i have a list that is sky high on things i have to do before the day.  I love love first birthdays!  It truly is accomplishment and celebrations are a must! We are planning a vintage airplane party!  Hopefully it all comes together,  but i don't think Henry will care if it does or doesn't as long as he gets cake.

He weighs 25 according to my scale.

Here is a look back at the past month
loves to bolt to the fridge when it is open.. january 26th

feb 6th
feb. 15th

feb 16th

feb 23rd he was done with his picture being taken!

no mom i am serious "I am done!"

I am 11 months old today


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